Weekly Waffle #59

Game night was back on again this week and I actually get in a couple of games, or finished one and started another to be more precise. Tyler wanted to have a go a Firestorm Armada so I dug out the start scenarios and models so we could give it a go. The result, I got an absolute tubing. I managed to last a few rounds but once he brought his broadsides into range I had no chance. But it was fun having a go at something different and we are going to carry on over the next few weeks.

The next game came as something of a shock. A few years ago a few of us invested in the MERCS Recon Kickstarter and low and behold ‘some’ of it turned up this week. I have to be honest and say that there have been that many delays and excuses with this that I had completely lost interest in the game. It’s a reminder that not all kickstarters go well. So now that it’s turned up we thought it only right to give it a go. This is a board game that uses miniatures, much like ‘zombiside’ as opposed to a miniatures game, and the quality of the miniatures reflects this approach. The other elements of the box are all nice and once the board is set up everything makes sense. The basic rules seem quite simple and easy to pick up but things got a bit more complicated when it came to ‘Breach and Clear’ which was a requirement of the mission we picked. By the time we got to this stage it was getting a bit late so we decided to leave things where they are and carry on next week so I’ll let you know how things go next week.

On the hobby front things have been really slow. It seems that the nearer I get to this month’s deadline the longer everything seems to take. I have just had a complete mojo meltdown over the last couple of week. I’ve not got a massive amount of work to do and I think a couple of hours should finish things off. It’s just finding those couple of hours before Monday’s deadline. I’m at a family wedding this afternoon, so no painting today. And I have a sneaking feeling that tomorrow may be something of a challenge to get any painting finished off. But it has to be finished so I’ll let you know how things go with a twitter update on Monday.

Weekly Waffle 59-3 Weekly Waffle 59-4 Weekly Waffle 59-5 Weekly Waffle 59-6 Weekly Waffle 59-8

I also had another Guild Ball delivery last week which was a little bit too late to make it into last week’s update. A set of wave two style cards for all the teams I already have.

Weekly Waffle 59-1 Weekly Waffle 59-2

So that’s it for this week. I’m off to get scrubbed up for the wedding, it’s more than my life is worth to turn up looking shabby. Have great week and catch you all net week.


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