Weekly Waffle #62

Game night this week saw me and Al abandon our planned game of Frostgrave. Partly because we didn’t like the terrain we had and partly because we need to get a practice game of Wild West Exodus in before we head off to Adepticon. And that was where the trouble started because neither of us could remember what games we had actually signed up for. So we go online and check, and that was when I started to panic. The game I’m signed up for is the Big Bass, a $1200 game and I know I have enough points for that. But what neither myself or Al had checked was the force composition. Specifically you can only use 2 x Boss, Underboss and Sidekicks, of which I don’t have $1200 painted and ready to go. But more on that that later.

We decided to get a game in using another list for a game that Al is signed up to so that we could get some practice in. So we had the Lawmen going up Against the Outlaws. Wyatt Earp against Jessie James. It didn’t start well for my Lawman when the potentially devastating fire from my H311-K9 failed to make and impact and it was promptly put down in the middle of the street. Still not to worry the other one couldn’t be that bad and would give Jessie a good mauling. Wrong, the dice I rolled here were just as bad and another K9 bites the dust. That left a confident Jessie facing off against Wyatt, Doc Holiday and a Lawbot who were all out for revenge. The dice gods weren’t shining on me when all three of them failed to take him down cleanly. But what it did do was set fire to him, not very nice I know, which managed to finish him off before he could retaliate. And then we ran out of time which left me claiming a moral victory.

Now then on to the hobby front which has been a week of two halves. I started the week working on a couple more clowns for my Batman crew. I’m really enjoying painting these at the moment so I knocked these out in a couple of nights. There’s still some final detailing required and then they need basing but there nearly done.

Weekly Waffle 67-5 Weekly Waffle 67-6

I’d also started work on some bases for them but haven’t got passed the build band prime stage yet because of the WWX crisis.

Weekly Waffle 67-1 Weekly Waffle 67-2 Weekly Waffle 67-3

So following the crises generated on game night I switched into WWX mode. I was already working on the Legendary Wyatt Earp and was planning to have him finished for Adepticon so I stepped up the pace a little and completed his base. It may seem silly but I find that completing a base often spurs me on to complete the rest of the model.

Weekly Waffle 67-4 Weekly Waffle 67-10 Weekly Waffle 67-14 Weekly Waffle 67-15

I’ve also manage to make some progress on Pat Garret and Carl Ferickson which will give me an additional boss and sidekick respectively. I’d already started some work on the these and because they will painted up in a similar fashion I was planning to paint them up parallel.

Weekly Waffle 67-12 Weekly Waffle 67-13 Weekly Waffle 67-9 Weekly Waffle 67-7

The other miniature I need to complete my list is The Wraith who is a mercenary and has been included in my list because I had the model. My plan here is to complete the Lawmen first and the do this guy because he has a completely different colour scheme.

So that means I have to complete four models for next week which on the face of it doesn’t sound too bad. But this weekend sees the end of the Six Nations so there will be painting from 12:00 on Saturday when the coverage starts. Now I’m not going to predict the scores but I do know that there will be beer involved with the good chance that I may not be up too much on the painting front on Sunday. So I’m putting myself under a bit of extra pressure.

Any way that’s it for this week, if you’re a ruby fan like me enjoy the bonanza of games that are on this afternoon and regardless of your sporting loyalties have a good week and I’ll catch all again next weekend.


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