Weekly Waffle #63

No game night this week, it was Al’s little brother’s birthday, although for anyone who knows Gaz little doesn’t do him justice. He looks like Grizzly Adams. So that meant no chance for a final WWX test game, but it also gave me a little bit more time to finish the last few models.

As I highlighted last week I needed paint up four new models and I was dreading the prospect. I just haven’t had the mojo for painting cowboys for some time now. But once I got sat down to do these they just clicked and I’ve really enjoyed painting them. In fact I’ve got the bug for these guys again so I may have to pick a few more models up whilst I’m at Adepticon. And the kickstarter models should be here soon as well.

So what I have I actually painted this week? First up we have the Legendary Wyatt Earp. Because he has such a purposeful look to him, striding along to sort out the bad guys, I decided to go with quite a plan open base that I was hoping would give him a sense of purpose. I don’t know if that’s just me being full of it but I think it works.

Weekly Waffle 68-1 Weekly Waffle 68-2 Weekly Waffle 68-3 Weekly Waffle 68-4 Weekly Waffle 68-17

Next up we have Pat Garret who will be taking up the second Boss slot in my list. I originally picked Pat to give me a bit more range to my Lawmen. Most of them are mid to close range so I thought he would give me a few more options. I’ve gone with the same blue and white colour scheme I’ve used for the rest of my lawmen.

Weekly Waffle 68-5 Weekly Waffle 68-6 Weekly Waffle 68-7 Weekly Waffle 68-8

Next up we have Carl Fredrikson who can be fielded by both the Lawmen and the Union. In keeping with the rest of my lawmen I’ve gone the same blue and white colours but have also given him a brown duster which I hope ties him in with Wyatt. I have no idea how this guy is going to fit in game terms but he’s a cool model and that’s really all that counts.

Weekly Waffle 68-9 Weekly Waffle 68-10 Weekly Waffle 68-11 Weekly Waffle 68-12

The final model I needed to finish up this week was the Wraith. He’s a mercenary and offers a nice dark contrast to the rest of my models. I’ve followed the same colours as his artwork going with blacks and dark brown. Very Punisher esq. It was weird with this model because it wasn’t until I painted the brown sections that it started to feel right to me.

Weekly Waffle 68-13 Weekly Waffle 68-14 Weekly Waffle 68-15 Weekly Waffle 68-16

And here we have the full posse ready to take names and kick ass. Although to be honest with me in charge that may not be exactly what happens.

Weekly Waffle 68-18

Weekly Waffle 68-19

Now then what’s happening over the next couple of weeks on the site? I’m heading off to US of A on Tuesday for Adepticon so I’m not sure if will be able to do a normal Weekly Waffle next week. Basically I don’t know what facilities there will be or if will actually have time, with all the gaming and socialising we have planned. I will be doing regular ‘Twitter’ updates and will be taking lots of pictures so if I can’t get them to you next week I will share them with you either the week after or more likely in a special Adepticon update.

So that’s it for this week. Have good weeks gaming and I hope to catch you all again next week. And if you want to get a feel a feel for what is happening at Adepticon then don’t forget to check out the Twitter updates.


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