Weekly Waffle #66

For game night this week me and Al had arranged to get some Guild Ball in so that we could get up to speed with the rules before Vengeance on the 14th of May. When I turned up Al was just finishing up a game of ‘40K Kill Team’ using the Space Marines and things weren’t going his way. I have to say that this isn’t a game that really interests me but I think it’s a good move from Games Workshop to do this sort of thing and the miniatures that come with the game are very nice. If I was still playing 40K then I would certainly be looking to pick this up for the miniatures if nothing else.

Anyway once Al had failed the Emperor and go his kill team ‘killed’ we set up for a game of Guild Ball. Our idea is to get in a few games using the teams we will be using at Vengeance between now and the 14th of May so we at least have a bit of idea what we are doing when we get there. So Al set up with the Union facing off against my Butchers. I’ve pick the Butchers because I think they will be the most forgiving team for me to learn the game with, and I like the style of just getting stuck in and causing mayhem. We only managed to get two turns in, because we spent a lot of time checking rules, but we are going to pick the game up again tomorrow. As things stand at the moment the score is two nil to the Butchers after taking out Gutter but Mist currently has the ball and is in a good position to score. It will come down to who gets the initiative at the start of the next turn.

On the hobby front I’ve been playing around with airbrush again. I was sorting through an old bits box and came across a very poorly painted Brother Artamis from the 54mm Inquisitor range which I decided to strip down and repaint. I couldn’t find the head and the sword arm but seeing as this is only a test piece I wasn’t really all that bothered. My plan was to do all of the armour using the airbrush and I decided to go with green simply because I liked the look, and I didn’t want to try black at the moment. Overall I really happy with how this as turned out.

Inq test-6 Inq test-5 Inq test-3 Inq test-2 Inq test-9 Inq test-11 Inq test-12 Inq test-13

I don’t think it has the same pop as the Hill Giant from last week but using the airbrush really helps to get some smoother transitions on the large armour surfaces. One of the key things I’m beginning to get to grips with after doing these two test pieces is thinning the paint to the right consistency and setting the correct air pressure. I’ve still got a long way to go before I would consider myself proficient but I feel that I’m getting the hang of the basics.

I’ve also been working to get ‘Tenderiser’ finished off to round out my Butchers roster. After looking at his stats I think he could be a real asset to the team and will be fielding him in my next game to see how stacks up.

WW-66-5 WW-66-7 WW-66-8 WW-66-6

I also picked up a bunch of miniatures whilst at Adepticon to use in a new Frostgrave Warband that I will be working on over the coming weeks, but I’ve been having a play with some new bases I plan to use for them this week. These are from Micro Art Studios and I think they are really nice bases. The only thing I’m not too sure about is how the snow effect works on them. I think this is mainly because it’s something new to me and like anything it will take a bit of trial & error, along with practice, to get them looking right. But in the meantime this is what I’ve come up with.

WW-66-9 WW-66-10 WW-66-11 WW-66-12 WW-66-13 WW-66-14

That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll give you an update on how the Butchers get on when me and Al finish off our first game. I’m also going to try and get the Jokers clowns finished off and based so I should be able to share them with you. And I’ve also picked up some new bases from Micro Arts Studio that I will be using on my new Frostgrave Warband so I should have some pictures of how they are progressing.

Have a good weekend and I’ll catch you all again next week.


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