Weekly Waffle #68

To start off this week I have two game updates for you. Me and Al got together on Saturday for a re-match between his Union and my Butchers. To be honest from my point of view I wish we hadn’t bothered because I got an absolute tubing. The score ended up being 12 – 2 to the Union. For me it went wrong from the kick-off with getting players in the wrong position, then the dice gods deserted me and I never recovered. At one point I was rolling seven dice needing two three up’s, and got none. On the positive side of things it was a win for Al and it taught me a lot about how to use the Butchers. Mainly about which players to keep together and which order to activate them in to get the ‘buffs’ working between players. That then left me with a dilemma, do I bench anyone for Tuesday’s game or do I have faith in the current line-up.

So for Tuesday’s game I decided to rest up a couple of players in the form of Meat-hook and Boar. In their place I brought Shank back off the bench and gave a debut to Tenderiser. I’m still really unsure how to play the Butchers but I’ve been reading up on other peoples games reports and I think I’m beginning to get a feel for them but with only a couple of weeks before the big Vengeance event I’m still thinking that I have one hand on the wooden spoon already. In the game Al won the inactive and had me kick off but this time I didn’t charge forward like I’ve done in previous games, I decided to let Al come to me. Al was the first to score but he had to work very hard to get past Tenderiser and it took him a couple of rounds to get the first score. Shank was again taken out in the second round; I just can’t seem to keep him out of trouble which is something I’m going to have to work on. I did manage to start to bring together some of the Butchers synergies, especially getting Boiler working with Princess whilst within Ox’s aura. That came as something of a shock to Al and by the end of the fourth round it was six all. Unfortunately that’s where we had to end it, but we will be picking it up and getting to the end.

I’m starting to feel a little better about using the Butchers and with the way I’m using them at the moment I think I need to accept that the first round and probably the first score are going to go against me. I think the trick will be to not worry about this but instead to set things up for the following rounds to give me the best chance to get my own scores in. Obviously easier said than done, but we will see how things progress.

On the hobby front I’ve been working on a few different things this week. First up has been my Confederate Rebellion for Wild West Exodus with some progress on the Nazombie. I’ve got to a stage where I need to start picking out some of the detail in places like the face but not sure just how to do this. I’m happy with how it’s going at the moment but I don’t want to rush things so I’m going to give it some thought before carrying on.

Nazombie Nazombie Nazombie Nazombie

Keeping with the Confederate Rebellion I have started work on Marie Laveau who is an underboss to go along with the Nazombie. As well as Blackhoof Scout light support. The Blackhoof as needed a bit of green stuff to make the cloak flow properly and I’m not sure if that was how I clipped the model or how it was cast. Either way it was a relatively easy fix.

Marie Laveau Marie Laveau Marie Laveau Blackhoof Scout Blackhoof Scout Blackhoof Scout Blackhoof Scout

Then the final bit of Wild West Exodus is this female Dark Council mini. For such a simple pose I think this has some real presence. My plan is paint up here cloak in a similar style to the scouts so that she looks like she has been embedded with them for some time. I’m not sure just what that style will be yet as it will depend on what material I can get for the bases.

Female Dark Council Female Dark Council Female Dark Council

As well as Wild West Exodus I have also been working on a couple of Season Two Guild Ball miniatures. First up for the Butchers is a replacement for the missing Ox in the form of Fillet. She has a completely different feel to the stoic presence of Ox being much more dynamic. From looking her stats card it also looks like she will bring a very different style of play to the team. Being much more dynamic and engaged. With a bit of luck I may get her finished in time to try here out before Vengeance.

Fillet Fillet Fillet Fillet

Following the whooping on Saturday I considered switching teams and giving the Morticians a bit of run out. So Bonesaw has made it on to the painting table. This guy has a really dynamic pose and I’m tempted to get another one to paint up as more of a display model, but that’s for another update. As it stands I want to get him painted up so that I have some more options if I decided to switch teams for Vengeance.

Bonesaw Bonesaw Bonesaw Fillet

I’m hoping to make the most of the Bank Holiday to crack on with the Guild Ball models. Vengeance is only two weeks away now and I’m not sure what list I am actually going to take. My head says I should stick with the Butchers with some experience of using them being better that no experience with a new team.

Anyway after all that have a good weekend and hope to see you all again next week.


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