Weekly Waffle #70

No gaming night this week, Al has been off on his jollies to Spain so no last minute Guild Ball Practice. Although I have been reading through the rule book and checking through my player cards trying to take in as much as possible.

On the hobby front I’ve been trying to work out if I have the right options for my Butchers this weekend. So in what I think could be classed as an act of desperation I decided to turn to the Union for a bit of support. Since Al organised everything I’ve not actually seen the rules for the event but Al says that you can have eight models in your squad. Then for each game the pick the six that you will actually use. Now I only have eight Butchers actually painted up so in theory that’s an easy one, I have eight models so I take all eight. But I’ve not been getting the best of the guys I have so I thought it was time for a bit of shake up. And that’s when I turned to the Union.

Up steps Rage who I’m planning to take for the weekend. I’ve gone with the same colour scheme as I used for the rest of my Union. But having got a few more games in now I decided not to go with the full purple look for him, it just wouldn’t be right. So instead I gave him a purple waist coat. Purple being my union colour and then gave him some grey trousers, which is the colour I used on my Butchers. Which overall I think looks quite nice and ties him into the team nicely.

Rage  Rage Rage Rage

But that means I now have to drop one of the existing Butchers players from the squad for this weekend. The obvious choice would be to drop Boar as he and Rage fill the same sort of the role. Bore can take more a beating, and benefit from buffs from his fellow players which Rage can’t do. But I don’t know if I bring myself to do that. Meathook is the other option and at the moment I swaying towards giving her the weekend off. Mainly through my inexperience at getting the most out of character plays and not understanding how to really use her.

So after much deliberation this is the final squad selection that I have decided to go with:

Guild Ball Vengeance Team

Also on the hobby front the Gamers Grass I ordered for my Wild West Exodus Confederates has arrived I think it should work quite well. I’ve gone for 6 mm Mixed Green and some 2 mm Dark Moss. I got both in the ‘wild’ size which is why they are all different shapes on the sheet as opposed to all being the same sort of circular shape. My idea go with the mixed green as the main cover and then to add in the odd patch of dark moss. Anyway that will be next week’s project to get a couple of bases made up and see how they work.

Gamers Grass Gamers Grass

That’s just about it for this week. I’ll be at the Guild Ball Vengeance (#vengence2016) event all day Saturday and Sunday so I’m going to try get lots of pictures up on twitter over the weekend. Al will also be there and I’m sure he’ll be tweeting away so keep an eye on his feed as well at @aldacellaboy.

And that really is the end for this week. Have a good week whatever you are doing and see you all again next week.


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