Weekly Waffle #76

It’s been a bit of a mad week for me this week and I’ve been traveling up and down the country for work. So lots of time spent on the train but not a lot of time on hobby. Having said then I have managed to start a new project and I think I’ve got off to a good start. With all the Guild ball stuff I’ve been doing of late I felt like I needed a bit of change with the new quick play rules now out for Dystopian Wars I decided to try something new.

I’ve said this before but it’s worth saying it again. I nearly always pick models I like the look of as opposed to what stats they poses and that’s what I’ve done here. So the next fleet I’m adding to my collection is the League of Italian States and I’m starting with the Naval Battle Group. Like all the battle fleet boxes there are lots of ships to work on with this force being made up of: 1 Mars Battleship, 1 Minerva Battle Cruiser, 3 x Gladius Cruisers, 4 x Cinquedea Frigates, 5 x Scutum Covettes, 3 x Pugio Escorts, 6 X Uccisore Assault Craft and 10 x Tiny Flyers. Part of my inspiration came from looking at a fleet painted by ‘Battle Brush Studios’ which had white superstructure and darker hulls. I’ve gone with the white superstructure but decided to go with a lighter blue hull. I’ll then be giving them a light coloured wood deck and picking out the details in either gold or brass. I think that will give them a nice look and will be suitably different from my other fleets.

As well as giving the challenge of painting something a bit different I also wanted to try and do more of the work on these with the airbrush and I have to say that I’m happy with how they are looking so far. I’ve managed to do the main colours for both the hull and superstructure with the airbrush and haven’t ended up with a lot of overspray that will need touching up later.

League of Italian States Naval Battle Group Mars Class Battleship Minerva Class Battle Cruise Gladius Class Cruisers Cinquedea Class Frigates Pugio Class Escorts Scutum Class Corvettes

Having said that I think that’s as far as I dare to go with the air brush for now so I’ve switched to a normal brush to start work on the decking and the rest of the detail.


Work have me all over the place again next week so I’m not sure how much progress I will be able to make on these but I’m going to try and crack on with them. I’m also planning on actually basing these, something I’ve been putting off for my other fleets.

That’s all for this week so have a good weekend and I’ll catch you all again later.


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