Weekly Waffle #77

It’s been another really busy week for me this week so I’ve had hardly any hobby time at all. I was in Newcastle on Tuesday for work so missed out on game night again. Although we did all go for a few beers in the evening so it wasn’t all bad.

The Italian fleet is now following a more Mediterranean build schedule with lots of long breaks. So all I’ve been able to do since last week is to paint all the desks across the fleet and make a start on the details. My first attempt at this was to go straight in with the gold.


But I didn’t like how it turned out so I made a change. All the other ships have had the details started in Bright Brass which I think will work better in the long run.


Once this is all finished, by the end of this weekend I hope, then I will go back over areas with a mix of copper and gold to highlight it. I think this will give a bit more depth whilst still giving a lighter feel than my other fleets. My plan then is go with some Plasma Blue for the window and a nice red for the rockets and depth charges to give everything a bit of pop.

And that unfortunately is all I have for this week. After a couple of light weeks I’m really going to try and got some work in on the fleet this week so that I can bring you all reasonable update next week. Until then have a good week and happy gaming


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