Wild West Exodus Mercenary – Jim Peterson – Painting Guide

Mr Peterson posed something of a quandary for me. He was a Kickstarter exclusive model so when it comes to painting him I knew I was only really going to get one chance and had two conflicting ideas for how to paint him. The first was the easy option of going down the same route as my Confederate Scouts and the second was to go with a Deadpool theme. The latter being something I had seen at Adepticon but done by someone with a lot more painting talent than I poses. And after much pondering I decided to go down the Deadpool route.

Jim Peterson 1 Jim Peterson 2 Jim Peterson 3 Jim Peterson 4

Decision made the first step was to prime the model and I did this using Vallejo Black Surface Primer (74.602) for a first coat. I then went back over the model using Vallejo Grey Surface Primer (74.601) at about a forty five degree angle to start to build up some shadow and highlight.

Clothing and Cape: Sticking with the airbrush the next step was to start the red with thin coats of Vallejo Gory Red (72.011). This allowed the shading form the priming stage to show through and started to build up some contrast. The next step was to move to Vallejo Blood Red and just to work on the highlight areas building up the layers and trying to get a nice transition between the dark reds in the shadows up to a brighter red on the areas that would catch the light. Working on the Deadpool theme I added some black stripes to the trousers with Vallejo NATO Black (71.251) and also used this on the areas around the eyes. To finish off the face I used Citadel Ceramite White for the eyes and in keeping with Deadpool didn’t give them any pupils.

Leather Work: The leather for things such as holsters, belts and boots is done with Vallejo Beasty Brown (72. 043) followed by an edge highlight of Vallejo Desert Yellow (72.763). This is then given a wash of Vallejo Dark Brown Wash (76.514). To get things a little bit darker I then washed everything again with Citadel Null Oil.

Weapons: The metal parts are done with Vallejo Gun Grey (71.072) and highlighted with Vallejo Chrome (71.064). Everything is then subdued with a wash of Citadel Null Oil Wash. The final step for the metal areas is to pick out the areas that would catch the light with Vallejo Chrome (71.064). The wood areas on pistol grips and close combat weapons is done with a couple of coats of watered down Vallejo Wood Grain (70.828).

Bases: The model comes mounted on a base so there was no need for a custom base here. Because this was primed with the rest of the model I dry brushed over this with Citadel Dark Fang Brown followed by Citadel Skrag Brown and then a final coat of Citadel Tallarn Sand. The next step was to use Vallejo Desert Yellow (72.763) to highlight the edges of all of the broken areas to give them a bit of pop. Everything was then given a wash of Vallejo Dark Brown Wash (76.514) and a final highlight with the Vallejo Desert Yellow (72.763). The metal drum that Jim has his foot resting on was done with Vallejo Gun Grey (71.072) and highlighted with Vallejo Chrome (71.064). It was then subdued with a wash of Citadel Null Oil Wash before a final highlight of Vallejo Chrome (71.064). To blend everything together I ued Secret Weapon Ancient Earth and Yellow Earth weathering powder on the lower part of Jim and over the base. With all that complete the last step was to add the grass. For this I use 6mm Mixed Green (Wild) Gamers Grass to keep the same feel as that used on my Confederates.

Full Paint & Weathering Product List:
Black Surface Primer                                                  (74.602)                       Vallejo
Grey Surface Primer                                                   (74.601)                       Vallejo
Pure Red Surface Primer                                            (70.624)                      Vallejo
Gory Red                                                                       (72.011)                       Vallejo
Blood Red                                                                      (72.010)                       Vallejo
Orange                                                                           (71.083)                       Vallejo
Beasty Brown                                                               (72.043)                       Vallejo
Gun Grey                                                                      (71.072)                        Vallejo
Desert Yellow                                                               (72.763)                        Vallejo
Chrome                                                                         (71.064)                        Vallejo
NATO Black                                                                 (71.251)                         Vallejo
Wild Rider Red                                                                                                    Citadel
Dark Fang Brown                                                                                                Citadel
Skrag Brown                                                                                                        Citadel
Tallarn Sand                                                                                                        Citadel

Dark Brown Wash                                                        (76.514)                        Vallejo
Null Oil Wash                                                                                                       Citadel
Drying Blood Wash                                                                                              Secret Weapon

Weathering and Basing:
Ancient Earth weathering powder                                                                    Secret Weapon
Yellow Earth weathering powder                                                                      Secret Weapon
6mm Mixed Green (Wild)                                                                                  Gamers Grass


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