Lightbox function update

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A quick update on the broken ‘Lightbox’ function where you can’t click on an image to see a larger version. I’ve now managed to figure out what is causing the problem, but I haven’t yet worked out an easy way to fix things. For some reason I don’t understand, when I used to add images to a page or post it used to automatically add a bit of code ‘<a href= “” /a>’. This now isn’t appearing when I add images and it’s this bit of code that enables ‘Lightbox’ to work.

So in the short term when I add images I can manually add the code to make things work. A bit time consuming but worth the effort. So going forward the ‘Lightbox’ function will return. Longer term I need to find a way to get this code added automatically, which must be possible as it used to work. I’m not sure if this would then retrospectively fix the issue in existing posts. But if it doesn’t I’ll just have to take a bit of time to work back through those that don’t work and add it.


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