Weekly Waffle #85

So having missed games night last week Al was poorly this week so no game again. I have spent some more time reading through the RECON rules and watching a few games on YouTube so I think I’m beginning to get to grips with it. But none of this has in anyway made me want to even think about painting the minis. Although I have seen some new civilians from Spector that look like they would work really well for RECON but I digress.

On the hobby front this has been something of a Frostgrave week. I picked a load of miniatures when I was at Adepicon earlier this year but haven’t done anything with them until now. I just felt like painting something a bit different so I made a start on a ‘thief’. Now because I didn’t have much space on the way home from Adepticon I took everything out of its packaging so I don’t know who made the model or what line it’s from I just know I like it. I’ve already painted up one crew for Frostgrave but I did that just to get something finished and didn’t really have anything invested in the characters which was why I picked these minis up. The ‘thief’ fits the bill nicely have a backpack to carry the tools of the trade, a dagger to protect her loot in one hand and a bag of said loot in the other. I’m still working on some basing ideas but that will be an update for another week.


Next up we have a Barbarian which I think is a really nice pose, not dynamic but very purposeful. When I first saw this I thought it would fit in nicely to the Frostgrave theme because of the heavy cloak she was wearing. However once I started to paint her I noticed a bit of flaw in my thinking that means she will probably be a very angry Barbarian. Instead of having a nice warm pair of boots, as I first thought, she is actually wearing flip-flops so here feet must be freezing. Oh well you can’t have everything. One thing that I think has worked really well is colour on her cloak which was something a bit different for me. It’s basically just Vallejo Hemp with a wash of Vallejo Dark Yellow wash which I think works rather well and will probably find its way into other projects. I also used a bit of turquoise to add a splash of colour.

Then it’s on to the Marksmen, although I could also use him has a crossbowman. The difference between the two characters is that this model has mail armour and a standard crossbowman only has leather armour. But if you only had one or the other in the band it wouldn’t be a problem.

And finally on the Frostgrave front for this week we have a Man-at-Arms. Again this character should just have leather armour but I think this model still works even with the metal rings on the armour. It’s not quite mail armour so I don’t think it would be an issue in a game.

And that’s it for this week. I’ve got a bit of time off work now so I’m not sure what I’ll be getting up next week. It could turn out to be a really productive week with loads of painting or it could turn out to be a really lazy week where I just sit in the garden doing nothing. I’ll just have to see how I feel. Although I have some more Wild West Exodus in mind and I may be making a trip down to Warhammer World with Al. Anyway have a good bank holiday weekend for those that get it and I hope to see you all again next week.


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