Warhammer World Road Trip

So as I mentioned in last week’s weekly waffle I’ve had a bit of road trip today and thought I would do a quick update with a bit of a photo dump. I’ll save most of the details so I have something for the weekend but in the mean time I would just say that it was a really good trip. A big thanks to Al for driving, even though he’s now got me hooked on doing a Sylvaneth force for Age of Sigmar.  Anyway I’ll leave it there for now other than to apologise about the quality of some of the images. But in my defence they have been done with a camera phone through a glass case.


Ok the upload is taking a bit longer than I had hoped so I’m going to leave you with these whilst i have a beer and the rest, mainly 40k will follow later to night.

And here they are:


 Now this next batch are all part of a single massive diorama. The colour is all over the place because the whole thing is lit by cycling LED’s so very hard to capture on a phone.


And back to normal lighting.

                                           The Lesser Spotted Al    

And that is finally it. But just to let you know that what you have seen here barley scratches the surface of what is on offer at Warhammer world.


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