Weekly Waffle #86

Well, game night this week actually turned into drink tea and talk about painting night although I have lined up a game of Wild West Exodus with Al for next week. Which will probably end in a humiliating defeat but it’s a chance to give my confederates a run out.

One of the highlights of the week for me was trip down to Warhammer World with Al on Wednesday. We used to make the trip a couple of times a year when we were playing 40K but we reckon it’s been three or four years since we were last there. Al lots changed in that time. You now enter the place through the store and that store has gotten larger, there is also separate Forge World and Black Library stores as well. This has made the gaming hall a bit smaller but probably only be one row of tables. We were keen to have a look around the museum / exhibition but I was a bit shocked that you now have to pay, it was always free in the past. But having gone that far we weren’t going to miss out and whereas before it was a single room it has now expanded to five dedicated areas full of dioramas. So all in all it was worth the money. I did a separate post with something of a photo dump that you can find here to give you a bit of taster. To be honest though the pictures don’t do it justice and you could easily spend half a day in there and still not see everything.

After getting a look at some of the fantastic paint jobs and dioramas showing off the Age of Sigmar stuff I now think I’m going to give it a go, which was Al’s ulterior motive all along.  Specifically, I’m going to pick up some Sylvaneth because I think they will pose a good painting challenge. Having said that I’m going to have to have a play around to come up with some colour schemes first so they won’t be appearing here for a while. My initial idea is to go with a couple of different would colours to get some contrast as a starting point with dark wood colours on the outside of the models representing bark, and then light wood colours in the centre as hart wood. Then to give everything some pop and to distinguish different units pick out the details with different autumn colours. Or at least that’s the plan but I have no idea how things might turn out.

On the hobby front I’ve been doing some more work on my Wild West Exodus Confederate force. Here we have William Quantrill who is the other boss option alongside Stonewall Jackson. In real life Quantrill was a guerrilla leader so in the game he has an Iron Horse to represent his hit and run style of fighting. Because he has a special rule that allows you to use Blackhoof Scouts as hired hands decided to use the same colour scheme for his Iron Horse as I did for the Blackhoofs. I’ve tried to be a bit different with the way he is based though to try and make it look like the bike is actually flying by mounting it to the side of the tree on the base. Overall I’m really happy with how this has turned out.


I’ve also been working on some mercenary hired hands that I think fit in nicely with the whole guerrilla ethos of the confederates. Booby traps! Ok so they are a hired hand option for list building as opposed to real hired hands but I think they fit the theme nicely and offer something a bit different. Nothing fancy about the painting here and using the same basing technique to help them fit in nicely.


To give the Confederates access to a little bit more punch I’ve also been working on something that more accurately reflects a tank in the form of Dr Beitel. This is a truly imposing character and I have something of history with him. At Adaption I had the pleasure of playing against the chap who had actually created Dr Beitel. During the last Kickstarter he put a pledge in that allowed him to create a character of his choice and this is what he came up with. In that game he absolutely hammered me with this guy causing a lot of the damage. Anyway having met the creator I feel something of connection to the character and I’ve really enjoyed painting this guy and I’m eager to see what he actually plays like.


With a game set up for next week I wanted to try and finish off at least one of each of the units available to the Confederates. I’ve still got a box of Scouts to paint and the Terminator is still out of stock so that only left the Nazombie to finish off. This is one of Marie Laveau’s creations and I think it might be interesting to see how it works alongside Dr Beitel.


I’ve also done a bit more work on a few Frostgrave Miniatures and manged to get three of them finished off. First up we have the Thief who I had just about finished last week but she is now based.


Then we have the Barbarian who’s looking very angry having to stand there in the snow and ice in a pair of flip flops. But then again Barbarians are always angry so I suppose it doesn’t really matter what footwear she has on.


And that’s it for this week. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you all again next week.


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