Weekly Waffle #87

Well were to start this week. Didn’t make it to games night this week because of some car trouble. Came out to the car on Saturday and someone had vandalised the bonnet with spray paint but because I had other things on over the weekend I couldn’t do anything about it until Tuesday. Spent most of the day using T-Cut to try and polish it out which I have to say worked really well. Then when it came to set off for Al’s the battery on the car was dead, so I just gave up.

 The spray paint incident has given me a bit of something to talk about this week though. I was really weary about trying to clean things up myself and not making things worse. There was part of me that was thinking that anything that would take the new paint off must surely damage the paint below it. The reality was that it didn’t and several hours of patient work managed to remove all trace of the vandalism. I can only put this down to the lacquer that is applied once the paint colour has been completed. This obviously protects the paint from everyday damage and it would appear that in this case it lets the T-Cut remove the unwanted paint without damaging the original. But what does this have to do with the hobby. Well I use a satin varnish on all of my models to seal then and to help prevent damage to them. But after this incident I’ve been thinking about how this could be used to help with different painting techniques.

On the hobby front I’ve not really got much painting done this week. What I have done though is picked up a copy of White Dwarf and had a go at painting the Slaughter Priest model that came with it. I don’t think I’ve every painted a GW fantasy model before and I’ve really enjoyed it. As I mentioned last week I’m planning on have a go a painting a Sylvaneth force for Age of Sigmar so thought picking up White Dwarf and this figure might spur me on a bit. It was nice and easy to put together, has lots of nice details and it’s been fun to paint. I still have the fabric of his apron to finish along with a few details but overall I think it’s looking quite nice. I also give him a custom base that was actually a bit of practice for something I was making for Al.


My other hobby work this week has been making bases for people. First up it was some base inserts for Al’s new Pulp City arrivals. I made him some street bases before so it was more of the same this time round. He’s also picked up Hanna for Malifaux and I’ve seen here painted up where someone has added what looks like a chalk pentagram to the base so I offered to do something similar. All I’ve done here is carve a pentagram and circle into some textured plasticard but I think it looks quite effective.


Switching styles Gaz asked me to make up some arid bases for his US Ariadna force for Infinity. I’ve finished off a selection of 25mm and 40mm bases but still need to do some 55mm but haven’t been able to find any blanks in my basing kick so they still need doing. But hopefully that will keep him going for now.


That’s just about it for this week but I have updated a few of the galleries on site with new images. Now if there are no major disasters next week I’m hoping to make a start on some more Age of Sigmar and possibly a new Malifaux project. I’ll just have to see how things pan out but have a good week and hope to see you all again next week.