Weekly Waffle #89

Didn’t get much gaming done on game night this week. Al was full of cold so we just spent some time drinking tea and building up some Mantic terrain and getting confused. It’s a good one for a waffle though. Most to the terrain goes together really easily and is very intuitive but there are some pieces that just don’t seem to make sense. A classic example is that there is a really nice engine / generator piece but one side looks like it isn’t finished or that something else should fit up to it. The only problem is that we have been through every other piece of terrain and nothing fits. So you could use it backed up to a wall or something but you could have standing out on its own. There are a few other odd bits like the conveyor belt system that is really nice but doesn’t seem to mate up to anything. Now this might must be me and Al being a couple of muppets, which isn’t out of the question, but if anyone out there has any ideas they would be gladly received.

On the hobby front I haven’t done anything other than more work on the Tree Lord. I have a few other projects sitting on the desk ready for a bit of love and attention but I’ve been trying to get this guy finished so I have a bit of inspiration / reference for rest of the force. Having said that I’ve only been working on this I have managed to get it into a nearly finished state. Everything now has the colours I’m going to use and it’s just a case of finishing off the details. It’s based although I’m not sure this is the style of base that I will go with for everything. I like it and I’m going to do something similar for the Dryads and see how it looks when it’s scaled down to the 30mm base. All in all though I’m happy with how it’s coming along and the last little bits should be finished off for next week.


As I mentioned earlier I’ve got some other projects lined up and I’m planning on making a start on one of those for next week. That will be a new Malifaux crew in the form of the Trouble-shooters with mad Willie and his wheel barrow full of dynamite as a bit of backup.

And that’s it for this week. Not a particular long update this week but I’ve spent a lot of time doing not very much with the Tree Lord. But I’m planning to have him finished and Willie well on the way to being finished for next week, no pressure there then. Have a good weekend and with a bit of luck I’ll catch you all again next week.


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