Weekly Waffle #90

I didn’t get a game in this week but did get to watch Al get beat up in a game of Age of Sigmar. I still have no idea what is going on in the game but he had loads of Sigmar guys against some nearly unkillable lizard things. Needless to say he didn’t manage to kill it but it was fun watching him try.

The Tree Lord is finally finished although it doesn’t’ really look any different than last time. It’s basically just been a case of working round the model making sure all the details have been captured, and believe them there are a lot of details. It’s felt like every time I think it’s done I have one last look round and find something else I’ve missed. A leaf here or a carved scroll there but if I’ve missed anything I’m saying that it’s deliberate and how I intended it to be, otherwise I’m never going to finish.


Keeping with the Sylvaneth theme I’ve knocked up a base for the Dryad, although I may have gotten a little carried away with the green stuff and made it a little bit taller than intended. I’ve used the same style as the one I made for the Tree Lord just to see how it would look on this smaller scale. No logs on this one, I forgot to add them, just grass and flowers which I think works quite well. It’s also something that I know I can repeat so I think this is going to be the standard base for the rest of the force.


In an effort not to lose my mojo I’ve switched things up a bit this week and made a start on a new Malifaux crew. I mentioned these last week and the Troubleshooters have made it onto the table this week. To be fair I’ve not actually made much progress with them yet but I have started. As you can see from the pictures I’ve really only primed them and then made a start on the Captain’s coat. I’ve got a good idea of how I want them turn out which give me something to work with, weather it will work or not remains to be seen. But it’s good to have goal.


I have made a bit more progress on Willie, who isn’t strictly speaking one of the crew but he’s in the same faction and will be an integral part of how I plan to run these guys. The idea of a nutter running around with a wheelbarrow full of dynamite just appeal to me. As you can see I’ve made some progress with him and fully intend to have him finished for next week but he won’t be based. I’ve had an idea to do something a bit different for this crew but it’s going to take a bit of working out and as such isn’t going to be ready for a while, but it won’t stop me painting the models.


That’s it for this week. With a bit of look as this goes live I should be on my way down to Derby for a game show and may pick a few things along the way. As long as I remember to get some pictures I will probably do an update during the week. I’ve another news roundup planned for tomorrow so if your board on a Sunday why not have a look. Have a good weekend and see you all again next week.


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