Weekly Waffle #92

Game night this week saw the start of what we are planning to be a month of Dystopian Wars with us starting a four way game of fleet action. To be honest it got off to a bit of slow start because I hadn’t written a list so the first part of the evening was spent with me writing up a Russian and a Black Wolf list. The reason for the two lists was so that Dan who hasn’t played Dystopian Wars before could have a choice of fleets, with me using whichever one he didn’t want to use. We settled on 850 points for the simple reason that I didn’t have enough ships to make a Black Wolf fleet larger than this. But once we got all four fleets set up on the table it’s probably as well that we didn’t go with larger fleets. Deployment was in centre of each table edge and other than that it was going to be free for all. I won the dice off for initiative on the first round and decided to crack on full steam ahead and that we where I ran into my first problem. The Russians have always been geared towards close action but with the exception of having one ship I had nothing in my fleet that could fire at long range (24” to 32”) so for my first ship there was nothing in range. Next up was Al with his Brits who pushed forward with one of his subs and opened up on Pete’s Empire of the Rising Sun frigates. The result was first blood to Al with Pete losing one of his frigates. Then Dan joined the fray and Also decided to open up on Pete doing some damage to one his cruisers but not sinking anything. And the first activation was finished off with Pete laying into Dan’s big sub and doing quite a bit of damage.

For anyone that hasn’t played Dystopian Wars Fleet Actions each player activate one unit at a time, the turn ends when all players have activated all of their units. I’m not going to go into a blow by blow account of the round but by the end of the first turn Dan had lost his big sub, Pete had lost a frigate, Al had lost a couple of frigates and I didn’t have a scratch, although I don’t expect that to last. Both Dan and Al had been ganging up on Pete but I had already agreed to try and help him out, or at least not to join in the pounding but at the moment there wasn’t much I could do because everyone was out of range. Because we had wasted so much time writing up the lists at the start we called it a night at the end of that first round. I’ve been given the job of printing out new lists for people for next week so we don’t have to flick between different stats on Al Ipad, although it was funny watching him try to jump between the different list.

On the hobby front I’ve been doing some work on the display base for the Malifaux crew and I’m starting think that I might actually be able to pull this off. I’m working on a bit of project log for it which I will run as separate article with updates as it progresses. The idea behind doing it this way is that I will end up with a single record of everything that went into it from start to finish in a single place, without having to re-publish the same material in a different place. I just trying to finalise a format for it but there should be something appearing on the site over the next couple of weeks. But here’s a quick look at what I’ve managed to do so far.

Malifaux display base WIP 9 Malifaux display base WIP 8

With Malifaux in mind I’ve started to make a bit of progress on my Troubleshooters crew. I’ve seen some of the Oxfordian mages painted up on the net and I’ve decided to try and go with something similar. The colours are more Cambridge than Oxford but I like this look better so I’m not really bothered. At the moment they are definitely on the garish side but they should soften up a bit with the highlights so they are more blended, or at least that’s that plan. I’m beginning to get a feel for this crew now which is always good because it makes me want to paint as opposed to it feeling like a chore. So a bit of time spent this weekend working on them should get me a bit closer to having them done. Just need to crack on with that base so I have something to put them on when I eventually finish them.


On the Relics front I’ve not really done anything this week. I have managed to build up a couple more minis but I’ve not finished everything yet and there still a little way from having any paint on them. They are still on the table and I will get back round to them but I’m enjoying the Malifaux crew at the moment so I’m going with the flow.

That’s it for this week. I’m going to carry on with the Trouble shooters and I’m also going to spend some more time laying cobbles. I’m hoping to have the pavement and curb sections of the base complete for next week. Although laying individual cobbles does take time. Until then have a good week and I hope to see you all again next week.


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