Weekly Waffle #93

Game night this week saw us continuing with our four way Dystopian Wars battle and I’m happy to report that the mighty Russians are still in the battle. Although one of Gun Ships has taken a points worth of damage. Everyone else has lost a least a couple of ships but to be honest they only reason I haven’t lost more is that I can’t get into range. The battle moved away from me right at the start and I have been playing catch up ever since. That is good in one way because I have received the least attention and as such the least damage. On the flip side of that I have dished out the least amount of damage and the result of that is that I have the lowest number of victory points. I’m hoping that I can start to get into range soon and then I may be able to dish out some punishment and get my victory points up. Whilst at the same time doing what I can to avoid as much incoming fire as possible. The game ran a lot more smoothly this week with us starting to get to grips with the rules although a top tip would be to print out the various forces stat sheets in colour. We were sharing a single ipad so it slowed things down a bit. But I refused to pay PC World prices for some new ink cartridges. Things will probably start to heat up next week when everyone should be in range of everyone else so we will see how long the alliances last then. I will also try and get some pictures next week so you can see the chaos that is generated with a four way game.

Going back to the Fleet Action stats updates I have now picked up some ink, at a sensible price and printed them out for The Brits, Black Wolf and my Russians. I thought about adding a few updates of my own but managed to refrain from that bit of skulduggery. So all I need to do is remember to take them next week and everything should go nice and smoothly.

I’ve done a little bit more work on the display base this week but I’m starting to go cobble blind, if there is such a thing, so I’ve put this on the back burner for a week or two just to give myself a rest. This has allowed me to get a bit more work done on the Troubleshooter crew. Work has meant I haven’t had a lot of time this week but I think I’m making some progress. I’m still not a hundred present sure I’ve gone wither the right colours for the Oxfordian Mages but I’m persisting. It’s turning into a major challenge to try and replicate something I’ve seen done so well by someone else. My thinking is that I just give up then my painting will never improve so I need to work out how to make it happen. I think the thing may be to concentrate on the others in the crew for a change and then come back to these guys. Anyway overall there is more paint on the crew than last week so I think things are moving in the right directions.


I’ve not done anything more on the Relics front this week but I have to spend a bit of time away with work next week so I may take the opportunity to take them away with me and try and get them all cleaned up and ready for paint. I have also picked up some base for them so I’m going to play around with a few different colour schemes to see if I can find something that will work with them. I don’t want to go to dark and have the models lost by the base but at the same time I don’t want anything to garish. More conundrums for me to try and solve.

And that’s it for this week. Have a good weekend and if you’ve nothing else to do next week why not pop back and see how things are going.


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