Weekly News Roundup

Weekly Roundup for the 23rd October.

Well I missed out on an update last week but there were a couple of things that caught my eye so I’ve added them this week’s finds.

Malifaux Transdimensional Express



First up we have the Malifaux Trandimensional Express from Customeeple which I think is really nice. The full set is €65 (Euros) and for that you get a locomotive and three carriages along with some track. Also each element is available individually so if you wanted to make your train longer you can just pick up some new carriages. Track is also available separately so you can expand your rail empire to your heart’s content.

 Painting Miniatures from A to Z – Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 2

I really like Angel Giraldez style of painting and really enjoyed the first book. Not that I was able to follow everything he was talking about. But regardless of whether you want to aspire to paint like him or you just want to drool over some stunning paint jobs this looks like the book for you.

Guardsman Veteran Heads


Guardsmen Veteran Heads

I like to keep an eye on what Kromlech are up to because they do some of what I consider to be some of the best alternate Ork models available. This week though it’s not Orks but humans that caught my eye. They have some alternate head that look really nice and would be nice touches to add one or two of these into a squad.



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