Weekly Waffle #94

Game night this week saw us get a couple more rounds Dystopian Wars in. With hindsight going for a four way game as our introduction to Fleet Actions may not have been the best idea but it is generating some interesting game play. Al’s Britianian fleet has been picking on Dan’s Black Wolf fleet with some devastating ramming action. I lost my first ship to fire from Dan’s Manticore and Pete has continued to harass Al’s dreadnaught that has now taken seven points of damage (out of ten). But we also learned that the Brits have a special rule where they can repair damage at the end of a turn so the dread is still in the fight. The other thing that came to light this week is that when a ship ram’s it immediately stops moving and halves any subsequent attacks that turn. So Dan has been parking his drone subs in front of Al’s dread to act as a really good speed bump. I did take some pictures but for some reason I haven’t yet worked out I can’t get them to upload from my phone. So pictures of the game I’m afraid.

I’m going to be away for next week’s game so I can see everyone ganging up on me as at that moment I’ve only lost one ship. But I’m also in last place with the fewest number of victory points. I may have to try and text my instructions to try and stay in the fight which could be interesting to see how they are interpreted. Knowing my mates they will probably have me shooting my own ships.

On the hobby front I’ve been working away this week so I took the time to do a bit of planning and took my Nuem with me along with a few tools. The result has been me getting them all cleaned up and ready for a coat of paint. I’ve no idea what the hotel staff must think about there being little metal sadomasochistic dwarf laid out on the desk in my room but it’s that or the bar. The next step is get them primed and then try and work out how I’m going to paint them. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my plan is to try and go with very dark, almost black, green. This is partly due to the fact that I don’t think I can do a straight black but at the same time I’m not sure how to do the dark green. I have been thinking about painting them up with the darkest greens I have and then applying a black wash. My plan being that the recesses will then appear to be black and the green will act has both a highlight and a contrast. I think I will have to pick one out as a bit of a sacrifice and see how it turns out.


I’ve also made a bit more progress on the Troubleshooters. I’m still struggling with the Oxfordian Mages but the Captain and Toni are coming along nicely.


That’s it for this week. I’ve got something of a manic work week ahead of me next week so I’m not sure if I’ll get any hobby time in at all but I’ll and do some sort of update for next week, even if there’s not a lot to it. In the meantime have a good weekend and I’ll see you all again next week.


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