Weekly Waffle #95

Ok then where to start this week first of all I’ll apologise for this update being later than normal. As I mentioned last week I’ve been away from home all week on a training course for work so didn’t get chance to get any gaming in. But the Dystopian game did continue and comrade Corrie stepped in to take charge of my fleet. Now I don’t have all the details yet but apparently, he gave Al a bit of pounding and I gained 13 victory points for me. A lot more than I had before he took command, so I may find myself being demoted after this. So, it sounds like it was good game night for the Russians.

On the hobby front I made a start on something new last weekend after Pete was taking about picking up Kill Team for 40k and trying got back into the game. We all have loads of models we could use for this but I thought it was good excuse to try something a bit different. So, I picked up the Deathwatch kill team box. I packed a few paints and use the desk in the hotel room as a new hobby station to get a bit of work done and keep the mojo going.

I mot manged to get them finished but I have managed to get a fair bit of work done on them. It’s only five models but I think they are coming along nicely although I’ve no idea at the moment how I’m going to base them. One thing I’ve done with them that’s bit different is to magnetise the heads so I can run them with either the helmet option or go more veteran and run them without helmets.


And that’s it for this week. No major travel plans for next week so I should be back on time next week. Until then have a good week and I’ll see you all again next week.


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