Weekly Waffle #102

Well hello and welcome to what I’m considering the Christmas Edition, even though Father Christmas won’t be here until tomorrow. Assuming you’ve all been good this year. Will any of you get any gaming or hobby in over Christmas. I was hoping to have a really good update on our multiple games of Kill Team following game night this week but things didn’t work out quite how I had planned. Pete had taken the time to write up four lists and the plan was that we would all pick a list at random to use. He’d told me which death watch models I needed to bring so everything was ready to go. Except that is the gate that I’d to go through to get out of the car park at home. I have to go through the car park for the local health centre to get to my flat and the gate that should open automatically on the way out just wouldn’t play. No manual way to open it so I was stuck, no game night for me and late for work the next day so not a happy bunny.

Now I should have used the time to crack on with some painting but I was a little bit on the annoyed side so didn’t make the best use of the time. On the plus side this week though I went to watch Rogue One and absolutely loved it. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but I can’t recommend it highly enough. For me it lived up to all the hype and a bit more. Now have the Starwars bug again so I can see some more X-Wing on the not very distant horizon.

On the hobby front this week I’ve had a delivery of green stuff so I can crack on with making bases for the rest of the Deathwatch and use the same style for Miltiarum Tempestus. It’s surprising how quickly I seem to go through this stuff.

Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102

Painting has been really slow this week. No loss of mojo or anything like that, in fact I’ve been itching to crack on with things. Just had lots of little bits of jobs that seem to have taken up lots of time. Mainly wrapping presents and trying to get around to deliver them but that’s all taken care of now and I’ve got a few days ahead of me where I can chill out and enjoy some painting. What I did discover whilst out on my deliveries was why Pete has lost his mojo for painting. He’s been playing Elite Dangerous on a full VR stet up and I had a go. Oh my god it is addictive and if I had a set up like that I don’t think I would get any painting done, at all. Not having a set up like that, yet, I want to try and get the Miltarum Tempestus finished off this week as I’m hoping Father Christmas might be bringing me a couple of interesting painting projects. Having said I didn’t get much done this week I have built up the rest of the squad and got the block colours in so I don’t think it will take too long to get them finished off.

Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102 Weekly Waffle #102

Weekly Waffle #102

I really need to pick up a codex for these guys though as I don’t know if they way I have kitted them up is correct. I tried to be reasonably generic and didn’t pick things like the plasma gun or grenade launcher. I just went with the standard hot shot las gun and a couple of hot shot volley guns, which I see as a type of squad automatic weapon. So fingers crossed they are all usable.

And that’s it for this week. If your celebrating Christmas I hope you have a great time, and if you’re not then I hope you have a great weekend. The goal for next week is to have some more finished models for you and hopefully the start of some new and strangely interesting projects. So until next week happy hobby times and I’ll see you all again next week.


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