Weekly Waffle #103

This week has been a bit more mixed up than normal, which is saying something after the last few weeks. I think it’s just something that seems to happen at this time of year where I end up spending lots of time doing as little as possible and trying to avoid the chaos that can make any time off a nightmare. My plan was to chill out and to try and get some hobby in, which sort of worked.

What I really wanted to do this week was to crack on with my Militarum Tempestus and get them finished off. Didn’t work. I did manage to make some progress with them but I’ll save that for next week. What I did manage to do was to make and paint the bases for the Prim and one guy that I have finishes. I’ve gone with the same design as I used on the Deathwatch and I like how they have turned out.

Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103

Part of the reason I didn’t get the rest of them finished was because I got a few new toys for Christmas and I made a start on them which I know is bad discipline  but it keeps the mojo working. After painting the first of the Deathwatch I had the idea of painting up a force based around an Inquisitor and their retinue. Now to do that I needed an Inquisitor and for that I turned to Wargames Exclusive, specifically the ‘Heresy Hunter Female Inquisitor Interceptor. So I spent my lazy Monday painting her up, I wanted to go with a mix of what I had already done for both the Deathwatch and Miltarum Tempestus, combining Red, Black and Purple as the main colours. Overall I’m really happy with how she turned out.

Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103

Now every Inquisitor needs a retinue but I wasn’t sure just how I wanted to put it together but I did know I wanted to start with her having a body guard who took the form of an Arbite. Wargame Exclusive stepped in again this time with the ‘Heresy Hunter Female Arbitrator’. For this lady I went with black and red as the main colours and then a simple metallic option for the shield. When I say the model I just had this idea of this lady being there to defend the Inquisitor whilst she goes about her business. I’ve no idea what rules I could use for her it’s a cool model and that’s all I’m bothered about for now.

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Not content with just these two ladies I also painted up a new Deathwatch model, but not just any Deathwatch, this is the one and only Captain Artemis. I’ve been keeping an eye out on e-bay for one of these to drop to a sensible price, because whilst it’s a very nice model and mimics the larger Inquisitor scale version well, it’s not worth the price some people are asking. Any the top and bottom was that the price was right and he didn’t take long to paint up. I’ve still got the base to do but it’s just going to be the same as all the others so it won’t take long to get it done.

Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103

That’s it for what I’ve actually manged to finish this week but I have some other projects lined up for the coming weeks in the form of something a bit special from Infamy miniatures. I manged to pick up Chee-Chee a couple of years ago but I haven’t been able to get any more until now. Element Games now have a large range of miniatures so I’ve got Sergeant Crookes, Close Combat Futura and Uncle John. They are all fantastic looking miniatures and I can’t wait to get them painted up. I just need to try and find the rules to go with the models now.

Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103 Weekly Waffle #103

I then rounded the week off with a few beers with Al and Pete for a bit of post Christmas / Pre-New Year get together, which made finishing off this post a bit of challenge. It also means I’m not going to be getting much done for the rest of the day. But one thing I can remember from last night were a couple of not quite new year resolutions. Pete said he might be able drag himself out of the world of Elite and get something painted, but no promises. Then Al came out with the big one an said he is going to try and paint a unit a month. Now that could range from a 40k Ork mob to a hacker for Infinity but he’s looking to get things done. I’m not sure so I’m going to go with improving my painting over the year. A bit of cop out I know but there you go. Nothing more for you this week and indeed this year, have a good week and I’d also like to wish you all a happy new year.