Weekly Waffle #104

Well were into a new year so I thought I would start things off with a couple of New Year resolution type things. Now I’m going to be a bit vague with some of these as I want them all too enjoyable challenges as opposed to things I have to do because I put it down in writing. They are basically things I’ve been putting off because I think they are a bit too hard or a bit too time consuming but they are things I actually want to do. So the first of these is that I am going to try and finish off my grot stomper thingy that has been sitting in a box for the last twelve months. I’ve only got to finish off the shooty arm and build a close combat arm and then it will be ready for painting. So on the face of it that isn’t a lot of work but it is all scratch built so it’s not going to be a quick job. However having started to get back into the feel of painting 40K I think this is something that I can get done. As you can see there is quite a bit done already so I just need to focus and crack on with designing things.


Next up is more of a painting challenge. I want to have a go at painting something on a larger scale, and by that I’m thinking of a 75mm figure. I’ve been looking at some of the things on offer from Nuts Planet but have been a bit put off by the fact that I don’t know if I could paint one of them well enough to justify the price. But I think my painting and more importantly my confidence has improved enough over the last year or so to give one them a go. I think it boils down to not being afraid to fail. Even if I don’t mange to paint it as well as I would like at least I’ve given it a go. It should also highlight areas I can improve on and then work towards so with the right frame of mind it’s a win win.

One thing I’m not going to do is commit to paint x number of models each week or month. If I have a good month then I might get a lot painted but again I don’t wan to turn it in to a job. Just having something for the blog each week is a challenge so I’ll leave it at that. On the subject of the site I’m not sure how things will progress this year as I’m likely to have to spend a lot of time away from home between March and the end of the year that could have a big effect on the amount of time I have for hobby. I’m going to try and make sure there is weekly waffle regardless of what I’ve been up each week. So some may end up being a lot more waffle with very few hobby pictures, if any but it won’t last for ever. I’m also going to try and commit to doing a least one painting guide each month. And January’s is already done and is scheduled to go live on Monday. If I can do more than one I will and I will also work on throwing in some step by step guides throughout the year. I’m hoping to put some of the time I will be spending on the UK’s super slick rail network can be put to good use writing up content for the site. If I can get a seat and I’m not rattled around too much. In fact I could try out a new concept of paint on the train that could produce some really interesting results. Although to be honest it might be a step to far. I might also try and do some review this year, again if I’ve got time to kill whilst traveling I might as well try and put it good use.

Game night was another game of kill team but this time it was Nids vs Guard, or whatever they should be called now. But they will always be guard to me. Anyway I didn’t get the chance to play so I ended up being the man with the rule book trying to figure out what should be going on. Oh my god how things have changed. To be fair I think the last version of the 40k rules I actually read was version three, or possibly version four. From then on I mainly played doubles and relied on Pete to know the rules, a cop out I know but that’s how it was. So it was a very steep learning curve with just about everything I remember now having changed. As a way to start to get back into the game I think Kill Team is a fantastic idea as most of the forces are small enough and the games are quick enough that you can start to pick things up again.

Anyway back to the game. As I said it was Nids vs Guard, a lot of guard, with lots of shooty guns. The Nids on the other hand were all Gene Stealers with lots of close combat and no shooty. So things would be simple, if Al could make it through the hail of las bolts that would zipping his way and get into close combat he would probably win. If not he would be cut to pieces and humiliated. It didn’t start well for Al (Nids) with his first mysterious objective being a booby trap. Then having three Gene Stealers (out of seven plus a Brood Lord) killed in the second term. Now because none of us really knew what where doing it took a while to get to this point. And this is the bit where I leave you all in suspense because I left before the end of the game and don’t know the outcome. But at that rate of attrition it wasn’t looking good for al.

On the hobby front I’ve had a bit more success. I received a Sergeant Crooke model for Christmas which is part of the Infamy Miniatures range. It’s basically and alternate Victorian London / Sherlock Holms setting. With lots of other cool characters like Peter Pan, the Artful Dodger and Jeckle and Hyde. It’s a really cool setting with some really cool miniatures. Of the ones I have this one seemed like a nice way to ease myself into the world. I haven’t seen any painted versions of this guy so I just want with shades of blue, after all he is a police man and that’s what they all wear. I did think of adding some red and white checks which differentiates the city of London police from the Metropolitan police but could work out how to add them without them looking silly. Overall I’m really happy with how it turned out and he’s going to be my first painting guide of the year that should go live on Monday.

Sergeant Crookes Sergeant Crookes Sergeant Crookes Sergeant Crookes

Chee-Chee vs Sergeant Crookes

 One thing I haven’t been able to find since they models went live are any sort of rules for them. So I’ve been thinking about how I could possible sneak them into other games as stand in characters. They are the right size and feel for Malifaux which is an obvious choice. But I also had this idea that it might be cool if Sergeant Crookes found his way out to Tomb Stone to work alongside the Lawmen in Wild West Exodus. Just looking at him alongside Wyatt Earp made me think he could make an interesting stand in.

Wyatt and Crookes Wyatt and Crookes Wyatt and Crookes Wyatt and Crookes

I’ve done a bit more work on the Deathwatch by finishing off Brother Captain Artemis and getting him based. Whilst I had the green stuff out I also knocked up a base for Brother Garran Branatar, the Walker in Fire. So that brings my model count up to 11 with another six to go before I finish off the models I already have for them. So I’m going to be good and not buy any more until these guys are finished.

Brother Captain Artemis Brother Captain Artemis Brother Captain Artemis Brother Captain Artemis

Garran Branatar Garran Branatar Garran Branatar Garran Branatar

I’ve failed to get the Militarum Tempestus finished but like the Deathwatch I’m going to get them finished before I pick up any more but I’m not sure when that will be. I keep saying they’ll be ready for next week and failing so I’m just going to get them done in their own time. And that’s it for this week. Have good week and I’ll catch you all again next week.