Weekly Waffle #109

So no travel this week which is a nice change, although there was no game night this week because Al was working. I just can’t seem to win at the moment. But it has given me a bit more time to put this week’s waffle together and whilst I’ve not managed to get a great deal of painting done there have been a few things that have caught my eye this week.

I’ve been really intrigued by some of the wording that came along with the latest 40k releases. Specifically those that go along with the images of Cypher. Now I have to say that I’m a big fan of Cypher and Pete’s theory that he along with the ‘fallen’ are actually the good guys and that it was the Lion and the other Dark Angels that were swayed by chaos. Which is why they are still hunting them down as they don’t want anyone to know their secret. Now in all the previous material about Cypher he has been painted firmly as the bad guy with the last set of rules I had for him being in the Chaos codex, although I know he now has his own data sheet. But the wording that goes along with the recent images seems to add some ambiguity by suggesting that he may not be the bad guy we think he is. It doesn’t say he isn’t a bad guy and I accept that it may simply be me reading something I want to see in to the wording but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. My speculations aside I think the model looks really nice and I will certainly be picking one up when it comes out. It even prompted me order the current model, just because I really like it and want to pick it up now in case you can’t get it later.


Whilst I’m on the subject of the new releases I could see (grey night) becoming a nice kit bash into a Deathwatch Terminator Librarian. From what I can see simply swapping out the Grey Night shoulder pad for a Deathwatch one would work nicely. All the other iconography already seems to fit in.

Grand Master Voldus

Now have just taken up a couple of paragraphs on those two characters I’m wondering what it says about me that I’m more interested in them than I am in the fact that a loyalist Primarch is making a return. From a model point of view I think it looks very nice, although from some of the early images the angle seemed to make his thigh look a little on the thin side. If these models are bundled together then I may pick him up but I’m not really that bothered. I’m not even that bothered about what the rules for him will be like. What I do find very interesting is what this means for the story going forward. Bringing back a demigod surely has to shake things up a bit. After all he is one of the Emperors sons so does that place him in charge of the Empire? If it does how the various administrations take it, especially the High Lords of Terra. Is this the beginning of a new civil war or a new golden age? Either way I’m really interested to see how the story develops from here.

So with that bit of 40K waffle over, on the hobby front I’ve been working on my Smoke and Mirrors crew. I’ve managed to get everything cleaned up and built before making a start on the paint job by getting it all primed. Keeping with the way I tend to paint I’ve also done some pre-shading to get me ready for the colour.

Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109 Weekly Waffle #109

From a painting point of view these will be nice change from the Deathwatch as I plan to use lots of different colours across the crew. Although I’m going to keep to a couple of key colours per model so things don’t get to garish. I’m also thinking about making the bases up to look like plain wooded boards to give them the feel of being on a stage which I think fits nicely with these ladies.

Anyway that’s it for this week. The goal for next week is colour so until then have a great weekend and I hop to see you all again next week.


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