Weekly Waffle #111

It’s been another one of those crazy weeks were it feels like the world has been conspiring against me. No normal game night this week because I’ve been working away all week but I did manage to get a bit of gaming in. I introduced some of the people I work with to Chupacabra in the pub. Now I have to say that they were all a bit dubious to start with but it only a single game to get them hooked. It wasn’t long before people were walking past our table to get a look at what we were doing. So that’s at least half a dozen new gamers this week with them all getting on their phones to order it. Amazon owes me one there. It was great to watch them all trying to be cool and not interested in playing with dice, but I’ll give them their due they did try it, and once they did they were hooked. So a big thanks to Al who first picked this up a do in Preston and got me and Pete hooked. I’ve now set myself a challenge of trying to get to try some other games. Rory’s Story Cubes might be the next one on the list as I have that on my phone so will be easy to ambush them with it. So watch this space to see how it goes, or suggest something else I could try with them.

On the hobby front all I’ve had time to do this week is paint up some bases for a couple of my ‘Trouble Shooters’ crew. I’d been looking to make a full scenic street base for them use some Diorama Debris moulds but I bit off a bit more that I could chew so I’ve put that idea on the back burner for now and gone with normal bases. These the same ones I’ve used for a few of my other crews so they will all have a similar feel. The models themselves still need a bit of work but I wanted to feel like had made some progress and basing a model always gives me a bit of boost as it means it’s nearly finished.

weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111 weekly Waffle #111

And I’m sorry to say that is all I have for this week. Not much of an update I know but I feel that I’m keeping things ticking over on the hobby front and I’m hoping that I’ll manage to fit a bit more in over the next few weeks. So until next week have a good weekend and enjoy the week ahead.



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