Weekly Waffle #119

I’m going to throw in a bit of shocker this week and say that I actually turned up for game night and what’s more I actually got a couple of games in. And just to cap things off I won both, although it was more down to blind luck than any skill on my part. So I’ve not had any travel this week so it was round to Al’s for games night and we had a couple of games of ‘Bang! The Dice Game’. It’s a simple cowboy game, although there are other options and expansions available, which is really easy to pick up and play. The basic idea is you have a Sherif, Outlaws and Renegades all fighting against each other. Each character has a different ability and like any dice game the dice can be kind or cruel to you. If they are kind you take down your opponent or heal yourself. If they are cruel they can bring injure you directly or bring the Indians down on you. Like I say it’s really simple but really fun, so much so that I’ve already ordered my own copy.

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I also had a day out in the pub with Pete and Al on Sunday, what with it being a bank holiday it would have been rude not too. Anyway as well as all the normal rubbish we talk about we also got talking about our plans for Adepticon next year. Up until now it has been Me, Al and Darren who were planning on going back next year but by mid-afternoon Pete was talking what ‘we’ would be doing when ‘we’ go back. Looking like he’s crumbled and the band will be back together for another trip. I know this years has only just finished but I’m already looking forward to next year. Having been once before we’ve a much better idea of what to expect and know some of the things we really want to do this time round so it should be good. I’m sure I’ll start to give you more updates as things progress and we actually start to book things.

On the hobby front I’ve made a bit more progress on the stupendous Warboss contraption although I’m still not sure what I would use it as in game. I think it’s about ninety percent finished now. The gun arms still need some work but I’m happy with what I’ve got so far, although they are only stuck on with blue tack at the moment so aren’t aligned properly. Once they get the ammo feeds on and are pointing in the right direction they should be ok. I also need to add a lot more gubins to it to make it look truly ramshackle. Things like bolts, rivets, cabling and glyph plates. With that done it should be ready for a lick of paint, although I’m not really in any rush to get on with painting it. I think it may be one of those that will get primed and it will then have to wait until I’m feeling inspired. Rather than trying to force myself to simply get it finished.

weekly Waffle #119 weekly Waffle #119 weekly Waffle #119 weekly Waffle #119 weekly Waffle #119 weekly Waffle #119 weekly Waffle #119

So that rounds out this this week. I’m going to have a bit of change this week and get back to doing some painting. I don’t know why I do it but when I’m scratch building my workspace ends up looking like a tip with bits and pieces all over the place.  Now I’ve got most of the work done I’m going to have a good clean up an then as I’ve said it will be a bit of random painting. Just something to get my hand back in.  it’s surprising how much I’ve missed painting over the last couple of weeks and I’m just ready to do something which I think is a good sign. Once you don’t enjoy it then you’re not going to put your heart into it. It doesn’t mean you’ll be any good but you will having fun doing it and at the end of the day that’s what this is all about.


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