Weekly Waffle #122

I haven’t been able to get as much done this week as I did last week but I’m still really happy with what I’ve achieved. No gaming due to Al being on his jollies and me working in Walsall. Looks like I get all the exotic locations. Anyway after getting quite a bit done on the fisher men last week I’ve kept the nautical them but switched scales.

After showing you the new Pakhtusov Battleship last week I couldn’t resist making a start on it with a new colour scheme. My take on this is that it’s part of the Russian Coalition Northern Fleet which explains why it has a different appearance. My plan is to use this colour scheme on the models I get from the current Kickstarter that is due to land this summer. Ironically I think this would work really well for a British fleet but as Al is the Brit in our group it’s going to be Russian. I have to say that I’m really happy with how it’s turned out and it’s been a reasonably simple process as well. Basically a metallic base with a very thinned down colour applied over the top. My plan is to do a painting guide for it in the next few weeks, mainly so I remember what I did so there will be more details in that. The model come in two variants with the MKI “Terror” having this huge forward firing gun.


Unusually for the Russians it kick out a lot of damage at long range so it will be interesting to see how it fits in to a fleet that is predominantly about close in fighting. But it still keeps it customary turrets and broadsides which pack a punch when it gets in close. The second version is the MKII “Assault” that is much more ornate in appearance and replaces with large gun with additional broadsides and the turrets with tower mortars. I have a feeling this will be the better configuration in gaming terms but it’s not my favourite.


I think for its first outing I will go with the MKI armament but will use the ornate smoke stack from the MKII. This is because I really like the Russian orthodox feel to it and the paint job is based on the Church of the Savior in Blood in St Petersburg. Although I have to admit I may have made a bit of boo boo with this. The blue, yellow and white are what appear on the church and I just liked the look of it and went with it. The three colours fit in perfectly with the sculpt so for me it was meant to be. It was only when I finished it that I thought these are colours of the current Russian Federation it may not fit in with the Dystopian time line. Anyway I like the look of it and it was a nice challenge to paint so I’m not going to change it now.

I’ve also taken the plunge and based this one which I was dreading but I’m really happy with how it’s turned out. All my other ships are currently baseless but I’ve been shamed into basing this one as both Al and Peter have based their fleets so I needed to step up. Having done this one I’ll now start to work my way back through my existing fleets and get them based as well. So with the base finished this this the set up I plan to use for its first outing. Weapon options from the MKI with the ornate smoke stack from the MKII which in my thinking work well and marks it out nicely as my flag ship.


That’s it for this week. Plan for next week is to make some more progress on my Fishermen so I’ll see how that work out. For now have a good weekend and hope to catch you all again next week.



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