Weekly Waffle #123

Well it’s been a really bad week this week for hobby this week. I’ve had family over from France so I’ve been playing nice and spending time with them, which in fairness has been nice and then away again all week. So the only thing I’ve really managed to get done this week is to green stuff some base inserts. I need these for the fishermen I’ve been working on and for a couple of other things that I’ve done but not got round to basing. But in keep with how manic things have been I’ve not even had time to take any pictures, not that green stuff base inserts would look that interesting anyway.

I was surprised this week so see some stats cards for the new team in Guildball, well not really surprised to see the cards but suppressed as to the team. With Grace and Benediction joining the union and the Church being an underlying power in the stories I was expecting the next season three team to be linked to the church. So you can understand my surprise when they turned out to be Blacksmiths. Now I like the idea and can see how they fit in with the story, I’m just wondering how they will be different from the the other teams. They sort of fit in with the engineers but the idea that they will work in pair with a master and an apprentice which should give them a different feel. Plus if the models are even half as nice as the art work on the cards, which they tend to be they will be really nice to collect. 


The other thing that came up this week was the fact that I stated to look at basing all of my Dystopian Wars ships and this is where I ran into a bit of an issue. As things stand I can fit my entire Russian and Black Wolf fleets into a single KR multi case. But if I put them on bases none of them will fit in the existing foam trays. So the dilemma is do I base everything and then have to get two new cases to fit them in or do I leave them as they and save some money. Well to be honest it’s not really that much of a dilemma as for me it’s all about things looking good on the table so they need to be based and lets face it I’ll always be able to find something else to put in the existing case.

So that’s it for this week. I’m hoping to have a quite weekend so that I can get a bit of hobby in so with a bit of look i should have a bit more for you next week. I hope you have a good weekend and I’ll see you all again next week.



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