Weekly Waffle #124

This week hasn’t been quite as mad as the last few but I’ve still not managed to get any gaming  in. But what I have done is to dig out an old project and make some good progress with it. Inspired by painting up and basing my Russian battle ship I’ve kept things in the world of Dystopian wars and I’ve gone east. I picked up an Ottoman Empire box set a couple of years ago and worked out how I wanted to paint them but never got passed the first test piece. Mainly because I came up with an unbelievably fiddly process but having done one I had to do the others in the same way. So they’ve sat there ever since, until this week when I decided to give them another go.

But I also wanted to get a bit of quick win in so I started off by working on the bases. Now with them being clear flying bases I didn’t really need to do anything with them but it was a nice opportunity to get some practice in and I think they will look better on nice base. I’ve done these ones in a lighter blue, partly because they would be based in the sunny med as opposed to the bleak north Atlantic. And partly because I hadn’t realised I’d used a lighter blue until it was too late to do anything about it.

So with the bases ready it was time to crack on the with the ships themselves. I’ve been concentrating on the larger ships to start with so we have a Sadrazam Class Battleship with an escort of Fettâh Class Cruisers. The aim for these was to make them look like opulent floating palaces that pack a big punch. So I’ve gone with a green hull, lots of gold and brass in all the fittings and then this will all be topped off with blue glass between all the fittings in the superstructure. I want to try and give the feeling that the glass is reflecting the blue of a sunny sky in the eastern med.


This week has also seen the release of the digital edition of the new rule book that I’ve had a skim through and it looks really nice.  One of the things that did pop out to me were that there are a few nations in the book that don’t yet have models so that could be something to look forward to. They have also put the first of the  Egyptian  Republic ships up for pre-order and these look really interesting. There is something really appealing about a battleship size hovercraft that means I’ll probably end up picking some up.

And that’s it for this week. Not a massive update but I’m keeping things ticking over so all that’s left is to say have a good weekend and I’ll see you all again next week.


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