Weekly Waffle #125

So I’ve been back on the road again this week and haven’t really had a lot of time to get anything done and once again  no gaming. With it being a bank holiday last weekend I was hoping to get some hobby time in but I spent most of t it tidying up the garden and trying to get my car to work. The first I did a really good job of and the second I failed miserably. It’s had an ongoing electrical problem that I thought was the battery draining due to lack of use but even after a full charge it still won’t start so I’ll be working on that again this weekend.

But because I have a few hours to kill on the train this week I’m hoping that whilst I might not have a lot of hobby to show you I will be able to put together a good waffle, which is something I haven’t done for some time. So first up I’ll show the progress I’ve been making on the Ottoman fleet and whilst it looks like I haven’t done a lot I can assure you there has been a lot of repetitive effort gone into getting them this far. Each of the blue windows needs to be individually painted with a silver base coat and then I use a Badger Ghost Tint over the top of that. Again individual for each window. So that’s a lot of repetition and a lot of concentration. But I think worth it in the end. It just means that you put hours of work and it doesn’t look like you have made much progress so I’ve been lazy and not added any new pictures this week.

Now with the hobby complete let’s have a bit of waffle. With pre-orders now up for the next edition of 40K I’ve been having a look at some the pictures for the Primus Marines and the new Contemptor Dreadnaught. And I have to say that I really like them. So it’s got me thinking that whilst for 40K my first love is and always will be Orks I could be tempted to into having a go at another Marine army. Now I know they are ten a penny but my thinking is that I wouldn’t need a lot of models which in turn means I can spend a bit more time painting them. But this is where I run into a bit of dilemma, do I go with an established chapter or do I go with something new. For me the fluff is a major part of anything I paint so when I comes to Marines my first love would be Dark Angels but as things stand that would mean making a lot of green stuff cloaks which is something I’m not that keen on. I like the idea of Salamanders but I’m also quite keen to go with a Turquoise army for reasons I can’t really explain other than to say that I think it would be a nice colour to paint and should stand out as being a bit different.

Now if the new Marines have got me interested in painting 40K again I’m wondering how many other people out there are thinking the same way. Which leads nicely onto why GW have got to this point of being able to release new ‘super’ marines. For me it’s more the fact that they have actually done that is encouraging me to get back into the game as it hints that they are looking to move the game forward with new story arcs which in turn could mean new and interesting models. Obviously they are business and they need to sell models to keep the shareholders happy. But if they are doing this by making the game and or the hobby more interesting then isn’t that a win for everyone. I think it will inevitably mean that there will be some people out there who decide that they have ruined their hobby and will rage across the internet about the injustice. But I get the feeling that whilst I may not come back to the game just yet, I’ll let things settle down a bit first, I’m certainly interested in picking up some of the new models. Let’s face it one box of new marines is more than enough for a game of Kill Team.

I’ve also spent some time this week pondering a Dystopian Wars purchase that has been something of a turmoil for me. The English and the French have had spells through history where we didn’t get on with each other. Now having served in the Royal Navy that rivalry has been quite strong so when I first saw the French fleet I was in turmoil. I really like the look of them but couldn’t bring myself to pick them up, mainly because of the stick I knew I would get from my friends. But having pondered this for some time now my love of a nice model has swayed me and I’ve gone and ordered a French Squadron. They’ve not arrived yet but I’m quite looking forward to painting them. They are going to be predominantly blue with red and white accents which I think will look good on the models and is also a very French set of colours.

As I mentioned last week I’m also looking forward to the Egyptians coming out later next month so these guys should keep my eye in for painting at this scale. I’m also going to have a go a painting up an Arkanaut Admira just to see what it looks like.

And that just about sums up this week for me. More travel next week with things building up to a really busy eight week period so I’m not sure how much I will be able to get done next week. It’s not that I’ve lost the mojo just struggling to find the time which is something that affects us all from time to time but I’m going to keep plugging away. Have a good weekend and I’ll catch you all again next week.


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