Weekly Waffle #126

Well were to start this week, it’s been another manic week with work and my schedule for next week looks even worse. I just keep reminding myself that I only need to keep things together for another nine weeks and then the pressure starts to lift off. Still busy but not manic, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

So for this week I’ve taken a bit of side step into the world of Age of Sigmar and more specifically the Armies of Order. Whilst on my travels with a bit of time to kill between trains I popped up to the Games Workshop store in Preston to pick up a something to use as a test piece. Only to find that it’s not there anymore. Well the building still there, it’s not like there is some portal to another realm or anything like that, but it’s now just an empty building. So no local GW store for me anymore, not that it was exactly local, but it was the one I used. So I ended up making use of the Glasgow store where I picked up a Kharadron Overlords Arkanaut Admiral. I’ve mentioned before that I really like the look of these guys and I’ve finally got round to picking one up and having a go.


I’m quite happy with how it’s gone so far and it’s been reasonably easy to paint. I started with an orange base before going over that with a copper metallic and then a wash. It still needs the base finishing and the details doing but I think these guys will be my faction if I make the plunge to give AoS a go. It’s just that it’s not great timing for a change with the new 40k now out I’m not sure which, if any of them I want to delve into.

It seems to be a bit of a renascence for GW at the moment with AoS appearing to be doing well and the new edition of 40k coming out to what appears to be far less internet hate they could be on to a winner. I’m not sure if I’m going to be swayed back to 40k yet and to be far never really left it I just got hooked on some other games and it’s taken a back seat to them. But the idea of giving you different ways to play and moving the story line on I think is a really good idea. I know there will those that disagree with this and I if you look on line it always seems to be the dissenting voices that get the most attention. Probably because those that a just happy with the way things are going don’t feel the need to shout that from the roof tops. Whereas those that don’t like how things have changed tend to want to let the rest of the world know they are not happy.

I’m going to try and get a bit more work done on the Ottoman fleet this week, they really are turning into something of a nemesis for me, my Moby dick. But I’m still enjoying them and really want to get them finished. I think it’s just when you are doing so much of the same thing on a number of models you don’t feel like you are making any progress. So I may try and get one of them completed so that I can sit it to one side and use it as bit of inspiration. Sort of you to could look like this with just a little more effort.

Any way that’s it for this week and even though the next few weeks are going to be mad I’m still going to be doing the waffle each week. If things get really made I have a couple of ideas for some slightly more off the wall ideas that are easier to put together on the road but that I hope will be just as enjoyable. So until next week have a good weekend and hope to catch up with you all again next week.



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