Weekly Waffle #129

This week it’s back to a more normal update this with a bit of hobby time spent working on the 40th anniversary model of the White Dwarf himself.  With it being a single model it’s meant I could take a few bits and pieces way with me and get some work done whilst on the road. I’ve managed to get quite a bit done this way but I’ve still not got it finished. It’s nice and characterful and I have manged to get quite a bit done and will crack on with it again next week.


One thing that took me by surprise was the fact that this was a resin model and it brought back some of the bad old experiences of the fine cast days. I find it unusual that when GW clearly make some of the finest plastic models out there that they have gone down this route. I know it was probably driven by costs, which have to be taken into account, but it shows in the effort required to prep the model. There are lots of vents on the sprue that need to be cleaned up and some very visible mould lines.

Also this week I’ve dipped my toes into 40k eighth  edition by picking up the second Xenos book so that I can get a look at how my Orks will work in the new version. My first impression was that it was a very nice book and it obviously had that really nice new book smell. The layout is really nice and everything looks to be nice and straight forward. I was a bit surprised to see that nothing had really changed and that there was no fluff in the book other than an introduction to the different races. I thought this was a bit of a let-down.

I was having a chat with all about this and he pointed something out to me that I hadn’t every considered. Because all the old codex’s are now out of date GW needed to do something so that we could carry on paying with what we have at the moment. So these books aren’t meant to fully replace the old codex they are there to allow us to continue to play so it only has what was needed to bring things up to date with the new version.  Then no one misses out and with a bit of look we will see new and interesting stuff coming out in future publications. With that in mind it really changed my view and I take my hat off to GW for going down this route.

And on that note I’m going to wrap things up for this week here. Have a good weekend and I hope to see you all again next week.


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