Weekly Waffle #131

For a change this week I feel like I’ve had a really productive hobby week. I missed out a bit last Sunday because Al and Pete kidnapped me and forced me to go to the put with them so Sunday turned into a very lazy day. To make up for that I took my French fleet away with me with the intention of getting as much of the basing done as possible. It’s quite surprising what you can get done in a hotel room with just a few key bits of kit. In this case it was some paint to give the base colour for the water and then some water effect to add texture. That topped off with a bit white to make the wave tops stand out and jobs a good one. Or at least I hope it is.

First up I wanted to try and get the small ships finished and I’ve just about managed that with the five Requin Class Corvettes and the four Lyon Class Frigates based and only a few final details needing to be picked out.

Requin Class Corvettes Requin Class Corvettes Lyon Class Frigates Lyon Class Frigates

I’ve not got as much done on the ships but they are all now on bases and I’ve started to pick out the details on them. I’ve decided to use red as the main accent colour to give that bit of pop and it fits in with the French colours being red, white and blue but I don’t think there will much white being used. Mainly because I can’t think of a good way of adding it without it looking forced. So next up are the three Dieppe Class Cruisers.

Dieppe Class Cruisers Dieppe Class Cruisers

Then we have the Cherbourg Class Battle Cruiser.

Cherbourg Class Battle Cruiser Cherbourg Class Battle Cruiser

Then we have the modular Gascony Class Battleship which was the only model that wasn’t part of the NavBattle ship

Gascony Class Battleship Gascony Class Battleship Gascony Class Battleship

The Couronne Class Assault Carrier.

Couronne Class Assault Carrier Couronne Class Assault Carrier Couronne Class Assault Carrier Couronne Class Assault Carrier

And last but by no means least we have the Saint Malo Class Heavy Battleship although I didn’t take this one away with me so the basing is finished yet. And it was a bit of challenge to work out how to get the texture on the water effect running between the two hulls.

Saint Malo Class Heavy Battleship Saint Malo Class Heavy Battleship Saint Malo Class Heavy Battleship

That’s it for this week and I’m not sure how much I will be able to do over the next four weeks as I’m starting a really busy period at work so I might have to get a bit creative to keep the updates coming. My goal is to get this French fleet fully finished before think about doing anything else and I’m still really enjoying myself with them which is great. I hope you have a good weekend and with a bit of luck I’ll catch you all again next week.



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