Weekly Waffle #136

This has been the first week in quite a long time that I haven’t had to travel. In fact I’ve actually had the week off work and I think I can safely say I have been the laziest man on earth. My plan for the week has been to do as little as possible and recharge my batteries in the process. I’ve spent some time catching up on a couple of box sets and I’ve even just sat there and listened to a couple of audio books. All in all it’s been a nice relaxing week. On the hobby front I’ve not done a great deal. I’ve cleaned up some more ships for Dystopian wars but not yet got round to adding any paint to them so I’ll save that for a later update. The main thing I’ve done this week has been to finish off the Scooby Doo crew.







The colours have changed a bit with the varnish as I’m hoping these will end up getting lots of play time so I want them to be as resilient as possible. Hence the couple of coats of varnish. Whilst I’ve not actually got much hobby in this week I’ve got a few little bits of things done like cleaning up models as well as my desk. I’ve also dug out some things I picked up months ago that are now on my radar to get done over the next few weeks. The main thing for me this week has been that I really have manged to recharge my batteries and I’m ready to crack on with some new projects over the next few weeks.

In the mean time I hope you like this little update whilst I continue with my lazy week off but I’ll be back next week with a fuller update for you all. Hope you have a good week and I’ll see you all again next week.



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