Weekly Waffle #139

First of all this week I want to apologise for missing last week’s update. I’d spent most of the week decorating so I didn’t have much of an update anyway but when I came to update things on Friday evening I had some prompts for server updates so just went ahead and started them. The long and short of that was that these updates were still running on Saturday morning and by the time things got completed I’d just run out of oomph to get anything done. The end result was no update, I’m quite surprised that I’ve actually manged to do xxx updates without missing anything so It’s not all bad. But I’m back this week although I can’t say that this will be a bumper update.

I missed game night this week as after a week of decorating I picked up a cold so I’ve been feeling sorry for myself for most of the week. Although I have manged to get some hobby in. On the  Dystopian Wars front I ‘ve been working on a basing guide in the same way I’ve done some of my painting guides. Not pictures here today but should be ready soon and the plan is to publish it on the 25th.

For this week, I’ve been fliting between sci-fi and steam punk and for no other reason than the option of mixing up the pictures I’ll start with the first of the steam punk models. This has been one that I started some time ago and I’ve finally got round to finishing it. In fact it was part of a Kickstarter which is a bit ironic. Going back to my first faction for Wild West Exodus we have one of the most notable Lawmen of his time. Although there are those that will tell you that the Lawmen of this time were just the most successful or brutal outlaws of their time. It’s just that they were the ones who wrote the history. One of these was Wild Bill Hickok. I’ve no idea how he will play under the new rules, in fact I’ve no idea how anything will work under the new rules but here we have another addition to my Laymen.


Now we have a jump from Steampunk to Sci-fi in the form of an Infinity sniper, specifically Knauf. This is the model that comes with the Outrage graphic novel and I think it’s quite a striking model. He’s a retired sniper that believes his days of being used in the grand game are over but he gets roped back into all the sneaky things that Infinity is all about. I haven’t looked to see if there are any rules for him but painting this guy has got me thinking about picking up some mode Infinity models if for no other reason that trying to do some more airbrush work on them by following some of the steps in the Angel Giraldez books. Nothing like setting the bar high.


Last but by no means least on the hobby front for this week it’s back to steampunk with more Wild West Exodus. Here we have Slayn who was a Mercenary when I got him but now I think he fits into the new Hex faction. Again I’ll need to wait for the new rules to see how he will work but from what I’ve seen he still has some sort of attachment to the Confederates which is why I picked him up in the first place. He has also been painted up in the same way I did my scouts with the green cloak and the same type of base. So from the back he looks like a scout but from the front with that death mask he is clearly a scary character.


That’s it for hobby this week but I’ve also started to think about Adepticon next year. There are four of us who are looking to go back and as I’ve mentioned before we are all thinking of entering the Crystal Brush competition. Just to give us all a bit of challenge so I’ve been thinking about what to paint. Do I go with a single model or with a small diorama? My problem is that I just keep flitting between ideas and can’t seem to pin myself down at the moment. The other thing I’ve been thinking about is what games to play when I’m over there. Or more accurately what models am I going to take with me. I was really keen to take some Dystopian war and do some demo games but with it not being available any more I don’t think it’s worth it anymore. So I need to think about what to take and more importantly I need to get some games in with whatever I pick. At the moment Wild West Exodus is high on my list but that’s about all I have at the moment.

Anyway that’s it for this week. I’m not sure what I’ll be working on this week but I’ll have something for you all again next week. Until then have a good week and I hope to see you all again next week.


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