Weekly Waffle #140

I’ve mixed things up again this week by shifting back to Dystopian Wars, although I still haven’t managed to the game with Pete finished. I know I’m just delaying the inevitable but I’ve been full a cold this week and feeling sorry for myself so I’ve not ventured out of the house, other than having to go to work. Spent my evening nursing a cup of tea and waiting for my head to explode. But whilst I haven’t got any gaming done I have made some progress with my Empire of the Rising Sun Fleet. The carrier is nearly complete, just some of the details left to do, in particular the aircraft on the deck. Having said that I’m liking how it looks already.


I’ve not made as much progress on the rest but I’m plodding away at the rest and I think my plan will be to do some of these one week and then have a play at something else another. One thing I have done to try and make them a bit different to Pete’s is to paint the bridge in red just to add a bit more colour.


I’ve also made a start on basing by Russian Coalition fleet and I have to say I think it makes an impressive looking ship even more impressive. Granted I did start with a Dreadnaught but because of the shape of the ships it leave a lot of open base that I think sets the ship off really well.


I’ve put together a guide on how I based this which should be going into the painting guide section of the site on Monday with a bit a look. Assuming I get it typed up in time, failing that it will be the week after.

For next week I’m going to have a bit of change of pace and really challenge myself. Because I really enjoyed painting up the Infinity model the other week I’ve picked up another starter set to have a go at. But not just any starter set, I’ve decided to have a go at Yu Jing which means painting yellow. I’ve no idea how this is going to turn out as it’s a colour I hate to paint but doing one of these face your demons type things. One thing I have been doing though is trawling the net to look at different techniques for painting them so I’m not going into this completely blind and I do has a sort of plan. Although we see how long that lasts once I start painting. You never know it may be the start of a beautiful relationship.

We that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll catch up with all again next week.


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