Weekly Waffle #150

I’d like to start this week by apologising for being a day late with waffle and whilst I’m begging for forgiveness I’ll throw in the fact that it’s not going to be a particularly epic event. There’s big story about me being a day late just the fact that I’ve been really busy and didn’t plan in enough time got the update done. On the plus side all the work and travel I’ve been putting in has meant that a project we received a gold award at a European awards ceremony this week. So with only one week of transition to go I’m hoping I will start to get some more hobby and gaming time in, maybe even some practice ahead of Adepticon next year.

On the Adepticon front we now have flights booked and a hotel for a couple of days in Chicago thanks to the efforts of Darren. That means that everything is now in place for the trip so I can really start to look forward to it now. With a bit of look this will now tie in with me not needing to travel just as much I can start to get more work in on my Adepticon projects.

Now then on to the rather limited hobby time I’ve had this week. I’ve mainly been working on a weapon arm for the bot. I tried a few different types and in the end settled on a pair of custom mega blastas liberated from a couple of Meks who had been a bit carless and left them lying around. My original idea had few more joints in but Pete came round today and had a butchers at what I’d been doing and recommended dropping one of the joints which made the whole thing look a lot better. The proportions just seemed to work better this way. Although up to now I have only been looking at the upper body and it was only when I put things together to take some pictures for the post that I noticed that there is a bit of conflict with the hips so I’ll need to make a few more tweeks to get it just right.


The other thing that I’ve done is to add an exhaust to the back of the body along with a another piece from a kustom mega blasta which give the whole thing a bit more volume. It’s only a small change but it makes a lot of difference. It seemed a bit too skinny up to this point but I’m happy with things now. The priority for the rest of the month is to try and get the bulk of the model finished so that have enough time to get the thing painted. As a back up I’ve got a couple of models lined up I can use as backups for my Crystal Brush entry but I’m still aiming to have this one done in time.

That it for this week. I’m gong to do the exciting washing and ironing so that I can pack my bag ready for an early start tomorrow. I’m also going to try and start work on the close combat arm so that I can alt least have the basics of the upper body finished next week. I hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll do my best to be on time next week.


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