Weekly Waffle #152

The plan for this week had been to get some gaming in on Tuesday night because for the first time in a long time I wasn’t away wit work. That didn’t quite pan out as my car hasn’t been used for some time and when I went to start it, it was just dead. So no gaming done and I’m going to have to figure out what’s wrong with it and try and get it fixed this weekend.

For hobby this week I’ve put the grot bot build to one side and picked up a paint brush again. It’s been about six weeks since I last painted anything and needed a bit of change. I had a bit of Christmas theme in mind and had ordered my first Wild West Exodus model since Warcradle  has taken over. The model in question was Kyle the Red and White which is supposed to be take on Farther Christmas. The quality of the model was quite nice and didn’t take a great deal of cleaning up. The model uses the rules for Kyle the black who is a part of the Enlightened faction which means I may not be able to use him in a game but it’s a nice looking model so that’s enough of a reason for me to pick it up.

I’d looked at a few pictures on line and decided to go with a traditional red and white for the model. Now it’s been about six weeks since I last picked up a paint brush and I have to say that I’ve been struggling to get back into the swing of things. Not a mojo type struggle but a purely technical one. It seems like all my motor skills have disappeared an I can’t make the paint brush do what I want it to. Not that I had that much control before. But I think it really shows that painting really is a perishable skill and in my case it doesn’t take long for me to notice a marked difference when I haven’t been painting. For me that means I really need to make the effort to get at least a bit of painting in every week, regardless of what it is.

Anyway back to Kyle, I’ve made a start on him and have blocked out the key colour and started to highlight things. I still think the brown needs some stronger highlights but I think I’m going to do the presents first and see how that makes it look.


Kyle also comes with a K9 attack dog and rather surprisingly three bases. One for Kyle, one for the dog and then a larger base so they can be mounted together. My plan is to paint up the individual base so that they will fit in with my other models and then do go with a more scenic, winter feel base for the joint one. A bit more of a display base and use magnets to be able to swap them around.

Again note a very long update but at least I’ve got a bit of painting in and if I can get my car working I may even be able to get a few games in before the end of the year. Hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll catch you all again next week.


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