Weekly Waffle #153

Another frustrating week. Not the best of ways to start a weekly update but I can’t think of any other way of putting it. Nothing major has gone wrong just lots of little niggling things that get in the way of doing something useful and enjoyable. I have managed to get the car fixed, or at least I think it’s fixed, so I’m mobile again. But then my being mobile clashed with Al working so no game night this week, although I will be catching up with him this weekend. All the Christmas shopping is now done and I only have a few more visits to make to drop things off so again that’s a bonus. I can look forward to a few days of work being lazy.

I’ve also managed to pick up another cold this week which has taken some of the wind out of my sails. Having said that I have spent a bit of time working on Kyle but I am realising that picking a model that is predominantly red and white as my first painting project in a while may not have been the best idea. I think that all of us have colours that we struggle with and red and white are certainly on my list. The funny or frustrating thing is that it’s trying to the highlights right for the red and the shading right for the white. A bit of a ying and yang type of thing.


On the basing front I’ve made some progress by cutting out the plasticard disk that will be the base and adding the two chimneys that Kyle and xx will sit on. The bit that is going to take a bit more time is adding the rubble. I’ve started on this process but because I’m using PVA glue things are taking a bit longer as I need to leave it to fully dry before I can apply any more rubble. Once I get about half way up the chimneys with the larger rubble I will then add some finer gravel to fill in the gaps. Once that’s completed I will be in a position to start painting.


When it comes to painting the base my plan is go with red bricks with a light colour for the pointing. Then I’m planning on weathering everything to try and make it look like a pile of rubble before I start to winterise it. For the winter effect I’m going to some clear water effect that I have to put in rivulets of frozen water running between the rubble and break this up with some crackle effect. The final step will be to add some snow, making sure that it piles up in the gaps between the bricks. Or at least that’s the plan. With a few days off over the Christmas period I’m quite hopeful I can make some reasonable progress to try and round the year off with the return of my mojo.

That’s it for this week, I’m going to spend the rest of day dropping off some presents and then sorting out the last bits of prep for Christmas lunch. Anything to make life easy on the day. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and with a bit of luck I’ll catch you all again next week.


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