Weekly Waffle #154

Well then to round out the year I’ve got another waffle lined up for you but first I have actually managed to get some hobby in this week. Granted it wasn’t as much as I would have liked but I’ve also had a few really lazy days binging on films and box sets so I’ve only got myself to blame. On the hobby front I was hoping to get Kyle the Red and White finished off for this week but I haven’t quite managed, a case of close but no cigar. There isn’t a great deal left to do so it will be finished by the end of the year, which really means it will be finished tomorrow.

I’ve really struggled with this one but I have found that as things have progressed it’s started to get easier. Just a case of getting the Mojo back and I think it’s just about there now. I’ve decided that I’m not a hundred present happy with how it’s turned out but it’s one of those examples of when you just have to say enough is enough and move on. It’s not that I hate it, it’s just I know I could have done better in places so it will be one of those models that always bugs me. But if I don’t warp it up now I also know it will never be right so time to move on and start the New Year with some new projects.


Which leads me nicely into this week’s waffle. I’ve decided to rethink my Crystal Brush because I’m just not making the progress I need to with the Grot Bot. My original plan was that I would have had the build finished by now so that I could concentrate on the painting and not have to rush things. However I’m nowhere near having the build done so I’ve made a command decision to scrap it and move onto something new. I’ll come back to it at some point as I still think it’s a really nice idea but I want to enjoy my painting and this was turning into a bit of nightmare.

So with that decision made the next thing to think about is what am I actually going to paint in its place and the answer to that is I’m not sure. I have a few contenders so my plan is to order all of them and work on them all at the same time before deciding which one to actually enter. I know that may sound a bit bonkers but to my messed up way of thinking it actually sounds like a good plan. My thinking behind this is that neither of them are massive projects and they are all a little bit different, which should keep things interesting. So when I run into the eventual brick wall with one of them I still have something else to be working on until if find a way to move the other project on.

Now I’ve had one model in mind as a backup for some time which is the Nero (with riding Septimus). I’ve liked this model since the first time I saw it. It just looks so dynamic and I think it will really stretch me as a paint which is really what I’m looking for here. I’d also like to try and get some sort of flying dust effect on the base if I can but I’ll leave that until near the time. All in all this should really push me and may also be the first step to get me into a new game.

For the second model I was looking for something completely different and took some inspiration from Pete. He as looking at one of the 75mm figures from Scale 75 for his entry and having picked up a couple of their 35mm models which I really like I diced to have a look at what they had to offer. My original intention had been to look at Khalgrim Gunnarson the Dwarf but then I saw Jynz the Scoundrel and decided I just had to have go at painting it. I’ll find some pictures for a later update but it’s essentially are really cool looking Grot throwing some dynamite. What’s not to love about that. The other really nice thing is that it will offer up a completely different challenge to Nero so flitting between the two should keep the mojo going.

I’ve got one final model lined up but I’m not a hundred present sure I can actual manage got get my hands on this one in time. This has more of tie in with the original grot bot idea and is the Harpo model from Wonderlands Projects. It is part of their Mauser Earth Atlantic Alliance range and is something I’ve had my eye on for some time. It’s supposed to look like a WW1 infantry man and is part of a set of three which each have different weapons. In the case of Harpo that weapon is a shotgun which I think has the best pose out of the three of them. Again this offers something a bit different as it will be more about making it look weathered and a bit grimy which isn’t a style that features in the other. Again mixing things up a bit to keep me on my toes.

That brings things to a close of this week and in fact for this year. I hope you all have a really good New Year and that any hangovers aren’t too bad. All the best for the New Year and I hope to catch you all again next week.


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