The Road to Adepticon 2018 #2

It’s been a while since I did the last update so I thought it was time I brought you up to date on where we are with this year’s trip. I covered off the fact that we had the hotel booked event tickets secured in the last update. Since then Darren has been a star and booked the flights so we will be flying out on Monday the 19th so we can have a couple of days in Chicago ahead of the event. And then flying home on 26th so that we get to enjoy everything Adepticon has to offer this year.

Unlike last time we went in order for us to fly direct to Chicago we have to fly from Heathrow, which for those of you not familiarly with the UK is about two hundred and thirty miles away. Now in American terms that is practically on the door step but using British public transport it’s turning into something of a nightmare. It was looking like it would be nearly as expensive to travel from home to Heathrow as it would be to travel from Heathrow to Chicago. So the plan is for the northern contingent to start their trip a day early and travel to the big smoke (London) on Sunday and then spend the night in a hotel, for a fraction of the cost of traveling on a Monday. That suites me as I’m never comfortable until I’ve got through security so only have a short trip to do on the Monday makes things much more relaxing. No worrying about trains being on time for the next connection. Just turn up, check in and fly.

We then have a couple of days in Chicago so we are looking at what trips or events we can do. Pizza at Giordano’s on the Monday night is a must and we are looking for a blues club on the Tuesday. Other than that I think we will just play it by ear and see what people recommend. Then it will be up to Schaumburg on the Wednesday and we are hoping to get some time in at the range, because it’s a novelty for us Brits, before we pick up our tickets. Then its four full day of hobby fun.

None of us have finalised what models we are taking but Al and Darren have an Age of Sigmar competition so that will account for some of their model count. Me and Al will be taking some cars for Gas Lands and there are a quite a few other attendees interested in a game so that could prove interesting. Other than that I’m going to take some Dystopian wars in the hot of getting a game or two. Crystal Brush entry will take up some space but I should still have room something else, possibly Wild West Exodus.

And that brings you up to date on where we are. Just over a month and half to go now which I’ve no doubt will fly by. Especially when I get brain freeze on my Crystal Brush entry but that just adds to the fun. I’ll probably fit in one more update before we go and then I’m not sure how I’ll go on doing updates whilst we are away. It will all boil down to how much fun I’m having. I’ll capture as much as I can whilst away but you may have to wait until I get home to see it all. Unless I get a bit of down time and go some updates whilst we are away.


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