Weekly Waffle #160

Something of a mixed week this week with a few things getting in the way of hobby time. First of these is something that I think is worth sharing but has nothing really to do with hobby time. That’s been the release of Altered Carbon on Netflix I’ve been a fan of Richard Morgan for some time now so I was a bit sceptical about how this would turn out. But I’m glad to say that whilst they have played around with a few key elements in relation to the book they have done a really good job of staying true to the feel of the setting and the characters. I thought that it was being released a week at time so after watching episode one I was presently surprised when the little next episode will start in window appeared. So I watched another and another and another before I gave in and went to bed. Only to get up early so that I could binge the rest before the start of the Rugby. The end result was that most of Saturday was spent in front of the telly. However I would heartily recommend Altered Carbon to anyone looking for some well-done cyber punk. But it is violent so if you are easily offended give it a miss.

Saturday night saw the resumption of our D&D adventure and as I pointed out last week I wasn’t convinced any of us would survive the night. As it turned out our super cleric spent an age healing a stupid mutt who kept trying to bite off more that it could handle whilst the rest of us were fighting for our lives. It played along the lines of me an Al trying to save the world, realising we weren’t up to the task then having to fight our way through the bad guys to the point at which we could run away. Then after the big bad wizard had finished is rampage we went back into the village to try and render assistance. At which point I rolled two ones in succession and was promptly knocked out by falling rubble. Great, survive the fight with the bad guys only to knocked on my arse by a falling building. However considering I was convinced we were all going to get killed off being knocked on my arse was a pretty good outcome. We have another game tonight so we can start to patch ourselves up and plan our next move.

On the hobby front I’ve started to work on the main part of Jynz although the progress has been slow. I’ve been trying to add some colour to each area so that I can get a better feel for the overall look of the model. Slow progress but I’m happy I can get it done in time.


On the Nero front things are going more slowly but I have just come across a step by step guide that someone has done for painting a Knight Models Batman figure that I am going to use a bit of inspiration for the black. Then once I get going on that I will start to work on the rider.


A shorter update this as we didn’t have a game night but I still feel like it’s been a productive week. With no Altered Carbon for this week I should get an extra day of hobby so I need to make good use of it. Hope you all have a good week and I’ll see you all again next week.



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