Adepticon Update #2

Friday: Day 2

For me most of the day was taken up with seminars. An early start gave me three and half hours in a class run by Caleb Wessenback from CK Studios all about painting black and white. Quite a long course but it absolutely flow by. I’m gong to do more of in-depth update once I get back but the basics of it were all about understanding tonal values and how to apply them on the mini which once we got started really made sense and I picked the basics up without much problem. Now it’s just a case of practice, practice, practice. No quick wins with this one, although he had some really good tips for which I will have to share.

The second one was an hour and a half with Aaron Lovejoy with won bronze in the diorama category of Crystal Brush last time we here. This was all about how he made that entry called “No Hope” and if you haven’t seen it I would recommend looking it up. From my point of view the best this about this was no one else turned up so it was like getting a private lesson not just on this piece but he took the time to go through several other pieces and he gave me loads of tips that again I’ll share at later date but it was fantastic to get that close to these really nice pieces but also to understand the thinking behind why things were done the way they were. All very good.

Rounded the day off with a few beers and with it now being 08:15 here I’m just on my way to my next course. Will be interested to see how Al and Darren are today as they had been playing Age of Sigmar doubles and drinking rum. When I last saw them there were certainly under the influence so there may be some sore heads today.

Have fun and I’ll catch you all later.


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