Weekly Waffle #166

This weekend is Adepticon weekend and as I’m attending this year I don’t know if I will be able to provide you with your regular weekly waffle so I’ve planned ahead and have something a bit different for this week. This doesn’t mean that you won’t also get some additional Adepticon updates because I do plan to try and bring you some form of update but it will depend on how much fun I’m having. If the games are rolling and drink is flowing then you will have wait until I return for more content. But in the meantime I’m going to steal a line from Blue Peter and say ‘Here’s one I prepared earlier’.

Here we have some of my Death Watch and I have to say that even though I painted them so long ago I’m still really happy with them and would be happy to field them now. Which may turn into another project. The idea for these came about long before the Horus Heresy books and in the background I wrote up for them the leader was Garo. Yes the Garo that GW have now decided was to be the founding members of the Inquisitions militant order. But that story didn’t exist at the time so I decided that whilst he was loyal when he escaped from Istavan he was becalmed in the warp and eventually fell to the ministrations of Papa Nurgle. The model is a simple kit bash involving the Typhus and Logan Grimnar models. Along with a bit of green stuff to fill in some of the gaps and the beauty of it being Nurgle is that the green stuff work can look a bit rough. Which is just a well.


Next up we have a bit of firepower for the boys in the form of the Forgeworld Dreadnought. This is a really nice sculpt and has really stood the test of time. I seem to remember they did another version but last time I looked on the site there was no sign of any of them. Anyway it’s a suitably Nurgel take on a dreadnought.


Next up we have two squads that at the time were considered troop choices. The only thing I did with these guys was to swap out their backpack so each squad could be identified without needing to resort to unit markers. I just couldn’t see Nurgel having unit markings. As you can see there aren’t a lot of model in the squad, seven to be precise which then allows the aspiring champion to be a free upgrade. I think it saved about 15 points at the time but for me it was more about the fluff than the points.



The next squad appears to be something of an anomaly in that it was actually considered a heavy support choice without there being a heavy support weapon in site. Instead under these rules Nurgle have to use assault weapons to fill this role. A few other drawbacks were that Rhinos were a fast attack choice and you couldn’t take bikes or raptors at all. Which was all in keeping with the Death Watch being an infantry based legion who would march implacably into battle.


So that’s it for the waffle this week. I hope you enjoyed it and keep checking back for Adepticon updates or have a look over at Twitter to see what’s happening. Until next week have a good time and I hope to see you all again next week.


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