Weekly Waffle #167

So I’ve been back form Adeptecon for a few days now and having booked the rest of the week off I haven’t needed to go back into work yet. Which means I’ve had lots of time to put together a packed update for this week. Except what I’ve actually done is lazed around all week and done nothing, or next to nothing. I will get round to getting more images uploaded and into a proper post event post but I’ve just not done it yet.

What I do want to say is that it was a really good event and I for one will be going back, probably not next year but in another two years. One thing that was a bit of a pain was being in a different hotel to the event so when I go back I will make sure that I get the booking in earlier to make life that bit easier. Although the walk was only about ten minutes and it did allow us to find a couple of eating and drinking location that we probably wouldn’t have found if we had been at the venue. Which will be useful to know when we do go back.

I was really glad to have chosen to do so many seminars and I learnt a lot of new things that I now just need to put into future projects. One of the classes had us start to pain to paint a bust which I showed on Twitter but here are few more pictures. My plan is to carry on working on it and to see if can clean it up and get it looking a lot smothers. The other thing that doing this has done for me is to get me interested in painting more busts so watch out for that in future updates.


Since I’ve been back I have done a pit of hobby by building up Roboute Gilliman that I have had for some time now and starting to get some paint on him. I’ve already screwed up a bit by fully building him as the eagle on the back pack makes access really difficult. But as I’ve used plastic glue to put him together I didn’t want to start to try and break him apart. Just one to put down to experience and if any of you guys out there are looking to build this model I would recommend leaving this part off and paint it separately.


That’s it for this week but now that I’ve started to get back into the grove I promise I will have a full Adepticon update to you before the next weekly waffle. Until then enjoy the bank holiday if you are in the UK and enjoy your hobby wherever you may be. Have a good one and I hope to catch up with you all again next week.


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