Weekly Waffle #169

Well Adepticon feels like a dim and distant memory now and the world has slotted everything back into place as if the trip never actually happened. So that’s the post-holiday blues out of the way and everything is back to normal. Although the mojo is still up and I’m working on getting some hobby time in every day, even if it’s only ten minutes. I read somewhere that one of the blockers for getting things done is actually starting them so by planning to do something, no matter how small, each day gets you in the mind set to get things done. No idea if it will continue but it’s working at the moment so I’m going to try and keep things ticking over.

On the hobby front I’ve put Big Pappa Smurf to one side this week and I’ve only done bits and pieces with him.

That’s because my Esher gang has arrived and I’ve been really keen to get started on them. The plan is to use turquoise as the main colour and then accent this with pinks and yellows. It sounds garish and that is what I am looking for with these ladies but, and I’m no expert on this, they are also complementary colours on a colour wheel so in theory they should work well together. As long as I get the balance right. On the back of the Adepticon trip I’ve watched a couple of You Tube videos on colour theory and the trick to using these colours seems to be in the ratio they are used in. Hence using one as the dominant colour and the other as accents to make everything pop. As I always find the hardest part of starting a new project is getting the colour scheme I decided not to launch into all of these in one go. So I’ve built and prepped all the models, there are only ten in the box so it’s not that big of job. I’ve then primed the all so they are ready for painting once I’ve got the colours worked out.


Now as I already know what the basis of the colour scheme is going to be I decided to pick out one model to test it and work out where to use the colours to best effect. I had this image I had taken at Adepticon as a guide.

The other thing I tried to do was to think about what I had learned in of the classes at Adepticon about painting to tell a story. So instead of just picking the colour I tried to work out for myself what I was trying to say with them. That may sound a little but pretentions but bear with me and see what you think. Esher are an all-female gang with a reputation for cruelty, who use pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation to make up for what they may lack in terms of raw physical strength. They are very fast and show a psychotic flair for close quarters combat and tend to prefer plasma weapons for ranged combat because of the power they offer. As a Necomunda gang their local environment is in the underhive so all the light would be artificial.

As the gang members are likely to be drugged up I can see that the garish colours would fit in well with their altered state of mind. But as all of the lighting in the underhive is going to be artificial, all of the colours used should have a cooler feel to them to reflect this. In painting terms I think that should mean that the turquois should be a bit more blue based and the pink should be more white than yellow. Which should give a cooler feel to everything. That makes sense to me on paper but I’ll leave up to you guys to see if it comes across in the finished model.


It’s been back to D&D again this week which saw the gang leaving Dreadharbour and heading inland a caravan guards. This was working out really well for my character as I’m now on personal quest to return a recovered artefact back to its monastery of origin.

And that brings this week’s waffle to close. Plans for next week are to start work on the other girls so that I can get a crew ready for a game. I also want to try and get a bit more work done on Pappa Smurf just so that I can keep it moving along without getting to side tracked. I’m also going to try and get a bit of work done on planning some scenic bases for the free blade models I picked. Looking at what materials I may need and then how to actually go about getting started on them. This is going to be more of slow burn as I don’t want to over face myself but I want to have some challenges on the horizon. So until next week enjoy your hobby time and I hope to see you all again next week.


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