Weekly Waffle #170

It’s been something of a slow week this week and I’m putting it down to having joined the gym. Not an opening line you would expect to see in a hobby blog but as this is a waffle and it’s my site I can do what I want. Having come back from a week of really rich food at Adepticon I’ve decided that my gamer physic is getting a little bit out of control so I’ve signed up an eight week course at the gym to kick start me into doing a bit more exercise and generally being a bit more healthy. Part of this has involved no going to the pub as often which means I should have more hobby time. All good in theory but it’s not quite turned out that way. First of all I hadn’t realised just how unfit I had become and this last couple of weeks has absolutely killed me. I’ve been aching in places I didn’t even know I had places. But on the flip side I’ve been feeling more energised and ready to crack on with things, so why have things ground to a halt?

The answer to that is that even though I had a good idea of what I wanted to do with my Esher I’m still not convinced with the scheme I’ve chosen. I’m happy with the colours I’m just not sure that I’m using them in the right places. Although I didn’t touch them at all at the start of the week and when I came back to them on Thursday looking at them on the table I thought the colours looked good and they did have a nice pop to them which is what I was looking for. Think this is just going to be a case of plodding on to get them finished. If at the end of the day I really don’t like them once they are finished it wouldn’t be the end of the world to pick up another box and go with a different colour scheme.


On the gaming front we had a D&D night last Saturday and things got a bit dicey for a few of us. I for one thought I may be rolling up a new character before the night was out but I managed to scrape through. We were down a few players which made thing a bit harder although I for one think I’m begging to get more out of my character. As a Halfling Monk I don’t dish out a lot of damage in a fight but I do have a reasonably high armour class so I can afford to get stuck in and tie opponents up. What I’ve been concentrating on of lake is looking at how I can buff other players when we get into the fight. On Saturday this worked out quite well as I manage to make good use of my ‘Stunning Strike’ which stopped a couple of magic users from using their powers against us and also gave advantage to the rest of the party when they were attacking. I think it’s this area where the character will come into his own as long as he survives long enough.

Game night this week saw us trying a game I never thought I would play and that was Kingdom Death Monster. It was something I looked at when it first came to Kickstarter and whilst I really like the look of some of the models the game it’s self didn’t really appeal to me. However Tony brought it round for us to have a go at and it would have been rude not to have a go when he’d gone to the effort of setting things up. And I have to say I’m really glad I did give it a go. To me it sits somewhere between a board game and a role play game in the way you need to develop your community between you as the game progresses. We only when on two hunts, with hunts being the way to get resources for yourself and the community by facing different monsters. And some of these monsters, even at such an early stage in the game are lethal. It’s a case of when will you die as opposed to if you will die. Which is why it’s important to build and look after your community as characters will die but there will be other community members to take their place. Whilst we only got a couple of hunts in as we were all learning how things worked I think once you get the hang of it it’s the sort of game you could play for a few hours once a month. This would let you progress the story and still keep the game fresh, so we will just have to see how things progress.

That’s it for this week. I’m going to keep plodding away at these Esher ladies and hop that something clicks for me. I’m also going to make a start on a mini I got in one of my classes at Adepticon which I have no use for other than a chance to paint something a bit different, which I’m hoping will keep me doing a bit each day. I’ve also got a Wild West Exodus model on order but as that is coming from Wayland Games it may be a few weeks before it arrives but I already have an idea how I want to paint that as well. So until next week enjoy yourself and I hope to catch you all again next week. Assuming I don’t overdo it at the gym.


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