Weekly Waffle #171

It’s been another slow week this week with not a lot of progress on anything really. There’s been no game night and no D&D so all told it’s been something of a let-down. No particular reason for this it’s just been slow. But it’s not been a total write off. I get the Empire of the Blazing Suns Emissary model for Wild West Exodus this week. This also marks something of land mark as now that War Cradle have taken over and they are ostensibly part of Wayland Games I was not expecting this model to turn up for at least another four or five weeks. So you can imagine my surprise when it turned up just over a week after ordering, and when you factor in that I ordered on the weekend of Salute that is close to amazing. The fastest order I have ever had from Wayland before this was six weeks with the norm being about eight weeks so this is quite a turnaround. Now it is just one order so we will see how things go but I think I will now take the plunge and pick up the rules, probably by way of the Dangerous Seven box set.

Now I have to say right up front although this is a very nice model I think I have messed it up right off the bat. I needed a change so I didn’t do any planning of how I was going to paint it and jumped straight in. My idea was to use the same colour scheme as I was using on my Empire of the Blazing Suns fleet for Dystopian Wars but the more I have done the more uncertain I feel as to whether or not I can make it work. So far I’ve got turquoise as the main colour which is offset by red and I’m going to go with white for the trim on the cape. For the edges of the armour I’m planning on going with a bronze or gold colour but at the moment I’m not that impressed with what I’ve done. Although to be fair I’m hoping the once I start to work on getting proper highlights and shading along with some of the metallic’s I might come together.


As I have no idea how she works in game or even if I would want to use her as after the changes the bulk of my models are now outlaws I’ve decided not go with a normal WWX base for her. I’ve had a more scenic base in a box for some time and I think it will work well this lady so that is what I am going to go with for her.



So whilst I’ve not been getting anything done on the hobby front I have spent a bit of time aimlessly browsing the interweb and I came a model for a military ATV that caught my eye. A bit if digging and I’ve come up with an idea for a diorama. One of the things I decided to do after Adepticon was to try new things so this is going to be slow burn project to build something a bit different. My idea was to turn it to some sort of near future Special Forces sort of thing. There are lots of pictures of these quads in use in places like Afghanistan with some quite serious weaponry on them but I’m looking to take it a bit further and put some kit on there that just wouldn’t be practical in real life. But that I think would make it look cool with extra weapons and then some additional electronics to give it that near future feel.

Then to try something else I want to do a small diorama to show it off and try and put into practice some of the things I learned from Aaron xxxx. My initial thoughts are to go with an arid setting, maybe a dry river bed or something like that so that I can have a few different levels. The ATV would then be sitting in this to give it the feel that it in cover and the rider is taking stock of where he is or what his next job is. All a bit ambitious for me but I like the story here and it will be good to try out some new things. Plus it might get me working a bit harder on other things. Either way this one is going to be something of slow burn and I think it will take quite a few attempts before I get something I will be happy with. I’ve got some cork sheeting on order to use to get the general bulk and shape of the base and this will then be covered with air dry modelling clay to get the detail and texture. Nice and simple to write it down but I have no idea who it will turn out in practice but I will share the good and bad bit with you.

That’s it for this week. I’m giving up on trying to plan what I’ll do for the rest of the week and I’m just going to wing it and see what happens. But I am going to try and get something done, I just don’t know what. Hope you all have a good week and I’ll catch you all again next weekend.



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