Weekly Waffle #173

I think I can best describe this week as ‘achey’. I’ve made it into week five of my fitness program and we have been absolutely beasted this week. So much so that I’m aching in place I didn’t even know I had places and I’m using that as lame excuse for not really getting anything done. On the gaming front Al was back off his jollies so we managed to get a game of Giant Killer Robots in and I remained undefeated, not that I actually won as I just watched this game and let Dan and Corrie have a go. It was almost as much fun to watch as it was to play and I think this is going to become something of staple game, it was also a lot quick to play this time have already got a game under our belts. Watching it soon became clear that there were actually two games taking place at the same time. Pete and Corrie on one side of the board were looking to tag building and leave each other alone whilst on the other side of the table Al and Dan soon reverted to a slugging match. Pete had already claimed a few building before anyone decided to try and take him out but to no avail. A bit of carful manoeuvring, also called running away and it was just a question of time before he got the last building he needed. But Al and Dan weren’t going to be put off by this and some carful use of sponsorship cards saw Dan win that battle before Pete got his final building. But he did it just in time as he only had three damage left. All in all it was good game and one I would highly recommend.

The hobby side of things haven’t been as much fun this week although I do think I’ve turned a corner, just a bit late for this week’s update. As you be well aware I have been really struggling to make any progress with my Esher girls and think was that on the test model I used a dark grey wash for part of the clothing but then didn’t carry this over when I started work on the rest of the models. The result has been me chasing my tail ever since and nothing seeming to work. So I’ve done two things to try and get over this, one has been to pick up a new project and the other fix the problem by going back over some the turquoise with a dark grey. By not using the wash I was trying to cheat a bit but it backfired, so what I started to do last night was to go back over the parts of the model I don’t want to be bright colours with a dark grey that will make the areas that are in bright colours pop that bit more. I then start to randomise the bright colours and hopefully make some progress. Fingers crossed but do now have a bit more enthusiasm for them.

Now whilst I was coming to this conclusion I decided I needed a new challenge and went and ordered one of the models what was on to do list for this year. It’s a 75mm scale model as I wanted to mix things up a bit more this year and try different things just for the sake of it. I picked this particular model to start with as there isn’t anything particularly fancy about it but that means that what there is to do will need to be smooth so I will need to work at getting these blends right. Or at least what passes for blends with me. It’s another Scale 75 mini but this time has a very post-apocalyptic feel to it. It’s called the ‘chronicler’ and I could just see this character wandering some post-apocalyptic wilderness turning up just in time to witness some momentous event.

(There will be some pictures here soon but I’m having a few technical issues at the moment)

It was a bit fiddly cleaning up the mould lines on the legs but the rest of it cleaned up quite nicely. I’ve decided to assembly it in such a way so as to be able to paint it in two parts. The body and legs as one part and the arms, head and cape as the other. This was because with the head and cap on it’s very tricky to be able to paint the back side of the body and doing things this way makes life much easier for me and everything will still fit together nicely with the join being completely hidden.

(There will be some pictures here soon but I’m having a few technical issues at the moment)

That it for this week I’m going to spend the weekend alternating between soaking my aches away in a nice hot bath and getting as much painting done as I can. I’ve also had an idea for a new Orky creation so I’ll probably try and sketch a few of them out before I put knife to plasticard. Hope you all have a good weekend and I’ll catch you all again next weekend.



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